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12/28/2017 11:40 am  #1

Sword & Planet setting

I’ve been throwing around the idea for a Sword & Planet setting for a few months. Having read a number of the core series, John Carter, Esau Cairn, Sojan, Kane, etc., I’d like to get away from the displaced man kind of theme and I feel that without that it would just be a science fiction setting.

Thinking about it, I wondered if instead of just one man, a large group of humans are transported to an alien world. Maybe, a ship that was meant to colonize another world for some reason or another end up on a world they were not prepared for. Over the course of generations, cut off completely from Earth and failing technology are forced to adapt to their environment and the resources available.


1/06/2018 5:38 am  #2

Re: Sword & Planet setting

Perhaps the Pern series by Anne McCaffery is a good starting place. I am sure there are others but I can't bring one to mind.
FYI...the introduction section to her books are mostly spoilers so just cut to chapter one.


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