The Champions of Lemuria meet here.

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Welcome to Lemuria!

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Scroll of the Ancients

News and updates from the administration.
2 10 Creative Commons License
by Warlord of Lemuria

Greetings, this is where we meet.

Feel free to introduce yourself!
4 120 Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!
by The GIT!

General discussion

Non-gaming talk, idle chit-chat. Please keep it respectable.
49 659 Mythic Ireland
by Narmer

Lemurian links

A place to post various links for Lemurian gaming, whether it is in the form of books, movies, etc.
14 49 Lemurian Chronicles (new background and adventures for BoL )
by Mruf


Ideas to improve this messageboard, new categories, another forum or two, etc.
11 38 Possible Settings
by The GIT!

Rules of the game

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General rules (Mythic)

A discussion of Barbarians of Lemuria Mythic Edition rules;
62 436 Missing the Brawl combat ability
by The GIT!

General rules (Legendary and before)

A place to discuss rules from older versions of the game.
12 73 A Quick Question for "Magician" ranks in the 1st "LuLu" version.
by Baragon

Lands of Lemuria

Official lands, places and persons of note from BoL
7 15 City of Amazons?
by michaeltaylor
18 64 Pulse Pounding Pulp
by Narmer

Tales far and wide

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Animals and monsters!

Creatures from Lemuria and beyond for BoL.
14 47 Nightgaunt
by roryb

Bizarre sketches and scribbles

Artwork by yourself or others for inspiration. Please attribute the artwork to the artist's name. Member art is encouraged.
11 54 Art from my BoL Adventures
by Finn

Blades, arrows and staves

Your combat rules, armed or unarmed.
5 60 (Bows in BoL) Consider this....
by modin

Boons & Flaws, Races & Careers

A place to post Lemurian and non-Lemurian ideas from your games.
6 40 Races of the Wilderlands: Elf
by Narmer

Cryptic writings of Lemuria

Tell us about your game.
16 113 Princess Clodagh
by Gruntfuttock

Secrets of the sorcerers

Fan made magic, be it spells or systems for use with BoL.
9 79 Starting Spells?
by The GIT!

Strange magic and odd coins

Items, magical and mundane, from your BoL game.
3 7 Bezoars
by lesser_evil

Weird lands and forgotten islands

BoL rules in non-Lemurian settings.
54 678 Converting the Forgotten Realms Adventure "Sons of Gruumsh"
by Gruntfuttock

From the depths!

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This is for threads and material from the Lords of Lemuria forum, please attribute work not yours to its original author.
6 16 Lords of Lemuria on the Wayback Machine!
by Narmer

Barbarians of Lemuria Online (pbp/Hangouts/VTT)

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Announce your pbp games here

A recruitment spot for play by post games of BoL
15 45 Online BoL Mythic Campaign Starting!
by roryb

Beyond the Barbarians-Simon's other games

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