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9/22/2017 12:27 pm  #1

Quiet Forums

Is it my imagination of have these forums gotten pretty quiet lately? There used to be a lot of activity here but now it seems that interest has dropped off 

There are a few people posting every now and again but it would be great if we could get things to pick up a little.

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9/22/2017 3:33 pm  #2

Re: Quiet Forums

I remember the hubbub for mythic and since its release things have been pretty quiet. Its not to say people aren't coming to the site, they just are here to read more than post.
Most of the recent posts are creation pieces when someone has had an idea, but other than that there isn't much in the world of sword and sorcery going on to talk about at the moment.
Wouldn't mind hearing quickly what the site regulars are up to at the moment. I have been running a Lemuria campaign for four friends of mine for a few months (something I really should make a post about when our most recent adventure concludes).

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9/23/2017 2:21 pm  #3

Re: Quiet Forums

Currently my wife and I are using BoL to run the Red Hand of Doom.  We are 3/5 of the way done.  I also have a Hyborian Age campaign going with her --- just taking a break, but we will go back to it after the RHoD finishes.

I am also thinking of picking up some more Beasts & Barbarians adventures to use with BoL.
At this point, my wife has told me that she only wants to play using the BoL system, she loves it.  (After playing D&D, TFT, D&D 3.5, and D20 Conan)



9/25/2017 10:15 am  #4

Re: Quiet Forums

The second ‘series’ of my Ancient Egyptian game ended on Sunday. It lasted for seven 4-5 hour sessions, so was shorter than the first series of 11 sessions – but somehow seemed just as packed with incident, terror, and pulp sword and sorcery action as that memorable first series.

 You will be pleased to hear that the PCs foiled another threat to the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s realm; this time a plot aimed at fermenting civil war between the two co-regents, so a nomarch (provincial governor) of royal blood could eventually seize the throne.

 Much of the action took place in the Nile Delta, which to our Theban heroes was a different world.
I played the main delta city they went to, Avaris, like a bronze age New Orleans, and the smaller towns and villages like the bayou country. (Never having visited that part of America, this was obviously based on films like Big Easy and similar – so no doubt it was totally inaccurate!) The conspiracy went deep into the local power structures in both the Delta and in Memphis, and even reached into Thebes – there was a lot of travel up and down the river!

 Blood drinking cults, magical artefacts and warped sorcerers featured, along with a rebel mercenary army and assassination attempts. The showdown with the sorcerer son of the nomarch took place in a TARDIS like building (far bigger on the inside that the external dimensions suggested), which existed outside normal space time, under a hidden temple built by the female Pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut some 126 years before.

 The PC mage ended up tearing the bad guy’s head off while transformed into an avatar of Pakhet, one of Egypt’s lioness war goddesses. Luckily for her future career, she ended up returning to her human form. Oh, and while the PCs were fighting the evil sorcerer, they were all being attacked by a a nasty and vaguely Lovecraftian monster that was guarding the last of the magical artefacts – the one they all wanted.   

 This final location and monster were stolen from a great short story called ‘Mouth of the Jaguar’, by Evan Dicken, which is available for free on the Heroic Fantasy Quarterly website – it can be found on Issue 20 in the archive -

The world in the story has some similarities to Venomous Pao’s ‘Tlactoztlan’ - a fantasy Mesoamerican setting (for BoL Legendary Edition, so easily converted to Mythic Edition) - which is well worth a look:

My players want to stay in Ancient Egypt, so after a one-shot or two we will return to Thebes.
Recently I picked up a second hand book – ‘Myths of Babylonia & Assyria’ by Donald  A. Mackenzie (published probably sometime between 1915-1920).

So in the third series, foreign travel seems likely.

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9/26/2017 2:31 pm  #5

Re: Quiet Forums

It may be the summer months keeping folks (wisely) away from the computer. We have been playing BoL a couple times a month. I hope to return to my game and see how the players like being the captive of the Red Witch. They are still sort of stuck in some sort of moral certitude that goes along with those games that take place in a 'World of Ren-fairs'. I hope they see that perhaps joining the Lady of the Firecoast may be an option. Then we can see who is first to perpetrate the sudden and inevitable betrayal.


9/27/2017 7:14 am  #6

Re: Quiet Forums

I'm presently running Crimson Blades d20 with one of my game groups. I think  I mentioned it elsewhere in the forums - the game is set in Sanctuary (Thieves' World) and I've been using the original Chaosium box set of Thieves' World to develop random encounters and create some interesting stories. Needless to say I have plagiaries heavily from the original novels and, so far, it's been a lot of fun and CB has proven very popular with the group.

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9/27/2017 10:38 am  #7

Re: Quiet Forums

I'm currently using the BoL Mythic rules to run my Tales from Cascade City urban wuxia game in advance of getting something viable out of my misguided attempt to combine BoL with Fight!

I've got a BoL subforum on my forums, but those are even deader than here.


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