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8/26/2017 5:09 pm  #1

Cascade City: BoL + Fight!

This is a really stupid idea.

I'm currently running a weekly Barbarians of Lemuria game set in my Cascade City setting-- 21st century urban fantasy with all of the gothic horror replaced with wuxia, planetary romance, and pre-cyberpunk. Now, I am obviously not going to change the rules while the game is in progress... but it's got me to thinking about the possibility of combining the simplicity of Barbarians of Lemuria's mechanics with the flexibility of Fight!'s special maneuver system.

It would require five Attributes and five Combat Abilities.

Attributes: Strength, Agility, Stamina, Mind, Spirit

Stamina is split from Strength because it adds to Lifeblood, Vitality, and grants "armor". Likewise, Spirit is split from Mind because Mind is used for Ranged attacks (Spirit is damage with ki attacks) and Spirit adds to more in combat.

Combat Abilities: Melee, Ranged, Initiative, Defense, Combo

Combo combines the Combo skill from Fight! (the number of moves you can string together into a single attack) with the Thug Thrashing skill, which allows you to make multiple attacks against Rabble.

Fight! is a level-based system, and I think levels are necessary for any adaptation of it-- plus, they are thematically appropriate for the Cascade City setting.

Level works essentially as in The BoL Hack:

  • You gain 1 Attribute point per odd level.
  • You gain 1 Combat Ability point per even level.
  • You gain 1 Career Rank per level.
  • You add your level to your Lifeblood and Super Energy totals, plus your Arcane Power if you are a Psychic or Magician.
  • You multiply your Vitality and Fighting Spirit by your level.

Plus, as in Fight!, you gain Level Bonuses and Move Points for new Special/Super Moves when you advance:

Level Bonuses: Accuracy (bonus to all attack rolls), Damage (bonus to all damage rolls), Control, Health (adds to Lifeblood and Vitality), Fighting Spirit, and Super Energy.

In addition to Lifeblood, there is Vitality. Vitality scales with Level and recovers faster than Lifeblood (though not instantaneously as in Fight!). So you have Lifeblood equal to 10 + Stamina, and Vitality equal to your Lifeblood times one-half your Level.

Reckon Lifeblood recovers as in Barbarians of Lemuria, minus the after-combat immediate recovery. Probably some kind of recovery roll for Vitality, immediately after combat and then hourly thereafter.

Fighting Spirit and Super Energy are concepts from Fight!. The former is a resource you spend in battle to improve dice rolls, and the latter is accumulated in combat and then spent to perform Super Moves.

There's three kinds of attacks:

  • Basic Attacks are the standard attacks of Barbarians of Lemuria. They cost 1 Control (unarmed) or 2 Control (armed), and they deal Weapon Die damage. Add Strength to melee attacks or 1/2 Strength to thrown/archery attacks.
  • Special Attacks use the Fight! rules; they have three or more Elements that modify the behavior of the attack. All Special Attacks get a 1d4 (or higher) Bonus Die of damage, which can be stepped up with Elements. Magic attacks add the Spirit Attribute to damage.
  • Super Attacks cost Super Energy to perform, and they come in multiple tiers of power. They have more elements than Special Attacks and they get 2 + Tier Bonus Dice.

Stamina applies damage reduction per die, to a minimum of 1 point per die plus bonuses.

Boons in Barbarians of Lemuria and Qualities in Fight! are more or less equivalent. Fighting style rules go here, in addition to numerous non-"move" techniques. Psychic and Magician are Boon + Career and use the same pool of energy; Priest is not a thing in this setting.


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Re: Cascade City: BoL + Fight!

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