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5/25/2017 9:36 pm  #51

Re: What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning?

Last night played Triumphant! with my character Earwig (a speedy wallcrawling burrower with slashing claws) and the rest of the team comprising Shadowalker (a teleporting wizard) , Knight Hawk (a motorcycle riding detective with some mental powers) and Thunderbird (a flying weather controller/blaster). Earwig got nearly killed by a demon and is recuperating in the medical room back at base, contemplating whether he's good enough to mix it with the rest of them. Good fun.
Will be running some Triumphant! face to face with the same group, in the same campaign...we switch GMing duties and have several groups of different power level characters going around. 
Also playing an online Triumphant! campaign on RPGNet - using my fast healing brawler character Knuckleduster. Having a good time there too.


5/26/2017 4:09 am  #52

Re: What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning?

I am still running a BoL Hyborian Age campaign for my wife and I.  We have converted numerous adventures for use with the BoL rules - Mythic mainly, but some Legendary and House Rules stuff also.

Currently running the adventure The Spider God's Bride.

I have plans on the backburner for maybe running a Freeport campaign using BoL - we will see.
BoL is the easiest system that I have ever used to convert adventures too.


5/28/2017 3:26 am  #53

Re: What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning?

I find myself at an impasse.

​As I mentioned in the thread on my Egyptian game, it ended on very much a high note. My players said it was the best Sword and Sorcery game I've ever run - better even than the epic Lemurian game of a few years back. I promised I would return to the setting later this year, as the players are eager to return to Thebes.

​However, I definitely need a break from it. Not only because I had finished a big set of questions posed in the first game, and so anything else I next did would be totally new cloth. But also because the end of the campaign was so bloody good! Anything else with the same characters would be anticlimatical without some distance from end of the last campaign.

​So, I proposed to do one-shots for a bit, or revisit some other old campaigns. But I've got nothing.

​I can't finish any of the ideas I've had, and have no enthusiasm for going back to old popular settings. My imagination well has run dry. There are always G-Man's excellent Hyborian one-shots, but I'm not sure if I can do them justice. I may just be a bit burnt out on Gm-ing.

And I keep thinking about Thebes.

My real name is Steve Hall

6/01/2017 9:59 am  #54

Re: What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning?

I am presently running an ongoing All For One (Ubiquity system) campaign that has been running since 2012. I am just about to start running Crimson Blades d20 using the old boxed set of Thieves' World for a couple of my players (Fafhrd and Grey Mouser style). I am taking part in a campaign of Rippers Resurrected (Savage Worlds) with my second game group. I recently ran a Dogs of W*A*R mission which went down very well with my main group and my BoL campaign has been put on hiatus for my second group to allow us to play Rippers. BoL was very popular as well so I anticipate revisiting that campaign in the future. 

Wealth can be wonderful, but you know, success can test one's mettle as surely as the strongest adversary.

6/26/2017 9:09 am  #55

Re: What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning?

So after failing to come up with anything else to run that fired my imagination in the slightest, after a gap of over a month with no gaming, I returned to my Ancient Egyptian campaign.

​I was worried that nothing I came up with would be anything but a pale imitation of the previous campaign, which my players said were the best S&S games I'd ever run. I shouldn't have worried - the first session was a blast!

I think I just needed a short break from GMing.

My real name is Steve Hall

7/19/2017 11:57 am  #56

Re: What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning?

At last I got a group together semi regularly to play BoL. It has been going great for 4 sessions and we are stepping up to the Mythic edition.
I suppose the rest relies on how they handle now being prisoners of the Red Witch ...


7/28/2017 7:08 pm  #57

Re: What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning?

My wife and I are continuing our BoL Hyborian Age campaign "The Hammer of Æs".
We finished the Spider God's Bride and The Jewel of Khadim Bey (although finish is a strong word - my wife's PC a female Nomad/Thief from Shem, decided to bug out after the encounter in the ruins east of Zamboula scene...she located a chest full of jewels and coins and said "that's good enough, let's keep heading east")

Her character is travelling with my GM PC a barbarian from Asgard, they are heading towards Vendhya.
The next installment is the Eidolon of the Ape.

BoL can't be beat for sword and sorcery campaigning...


8/29/2017 6:42 pm  #58

Re: What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning?

We just finished "The Eidolon of the Ape", next will be the adventure "The Dark Altar of Katar"

We also took a little time off from the Hyborian Age campaign and ran a couple of adventures from OpenQuest's The Savage North.

I just ordered the Red Hand of Doom from EBay and I am going to run it again with BoL rules....

Lot's of options.


8/30/2017 2:39 am  #59

Re: What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning?

BoL really delivers, doesn't it?

​The second series of my Ancient Egyptian campaign is drawing to a close, and I'd like to possibly do some of G-Man's Hyborian one-shots as a palate cleanser before starting up something else. My BoL Firefly campaign possibly, or my long-planned but never run Man From Uncle game.

​One thing that is clear to me, is that after BoL, other game systems seem so clunky - especially chargen. I really enjoyed the Hollow Earth Expedition/Leagues of Adventure mash-up I ran a couple of years back; but I really loathed the chargen required for even simple NPCs. Probably I'm just lazy (very probably) but prepping and running BoL is just so straightforward and quick that it has spoiled me for other systems.

My real name is Steve Hall

8/30/2017 6:28 am  #60

Re: What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning?

Currently running a Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game based on the Exiles series on Myth Weavers.
Currently running a modern "urban wuxia" game using the Barbarians of Lemuria rules on IRC; too late to switch over to my Barbarians of Fight! hack, but someday, someday...

Currently butchering the Pathfinder rules in anticipation of using it to run Spelljammer.


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