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7/11/2014 12:35 pm  #51

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

Well GMgerrymander, I'm a wee but lazy, so one 1" square equals 6' and say you can walk normally for 4 squares, search for 2 squares, run for 16 squares. Mounted movement in combat hasn't come up yet ( no, really, it hasn't, in three YEARS ), but I'll think of something. As for what you can do during those movements, it depends on how quickly I want the encounter to run. My players live with what I say they can or can't do, most of the time . . .


7/12/2014 11:05 am  #52

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

Hi all,

I'm Andrew, a UK-based, 42-year-old gamer whose been rattling dice since the age of 10. I've enjoyed BoL since picking up the Legendary rules a few years ago and am pretty excited by this new, Mythic edition everone's talking about.


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7/16/2014 2:30 am  #53

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

I´m Pollico, from Spain. I have known BoL for a while now, and I´m hoping to create something like a community here in Spain around the game. I love it! 


8/06/2014 10:05 pm  #54

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!


I've recently backed the Kickstarter and really keen to get cracking with BoL either in glittering Lemuria or maybe old Hyboria. Thinking of mapping those Boons and Flaws to the kingdoms there.

I've been drumming up interest on the Gaming Tavern forum. I run Furnace, a small convention in Sheffield UK and attend a few others too. I can see me running some at a few of them.

Great game and itching to play.


8/07/2014 6:44 am  #55

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

Hi and welcome,

Look at

Gruntfuttock just posted the Bol info I just got on here to post as an answer to you.

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8/27/2014 10:46 am  #56

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!


I have owned the Legendary Edition for a while now, and run a few one-off games in it for my friends. I've recently started on the road to creating a Hyborian campaign to run. Unfortunately, I missed the kickstarter for Mythic Edition which I am greatly disappointed about. I'll have to wait for that to come out later this year, but I am definitely excited for Simon and crew to take my money.

The games I have run with BoL got rave reviews from my players. They all love the system and I can't wait to get better at running the game and creating new adventures for them to experience.


9/07/2014 12:00 pm  #57

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

Hello everyone,
I just recently bought BoL Legendary Edition (as well as downloaded the original edition).  I am planning to run a Conan campaign for some friends & my wife using the BoL.  I am currently running a Conan 1-player campaign for my wife using the Mongoose d20 rules (really like them, I strictly adhere to a level 1-10 world for my campaign, and it works really good - for us anyways).

Been reading alot of really good things about BoL so I figure that I am going to give it a try.  (I've also picked up Honor & Intrigue, Legends of Steel BoL, and Dogs of War - more stuff to pick and choose from).  I  also already have some house rules for my BoL game (discuss these later).

My wife and I played some scenario's the other night - trying out the rules.  I like them, she said, "Eh, it works...unfortuneatly she didn't think that they were anything special - in fact she said that they really reminded her of The Fantasy Trip rpg that we also play.  She also said "But I'm not the GM and I see where the ease of making NPCs is easier for you."  (Comparing BoL to Mongoose d20 Conan)

Looking forward to sharing ideas with everyone.


9/10/2014 6:44 am  #58

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

Hey guys, greetings from Germany!

I've been running a few one shot adventures within BoL's Lemuria setting and just recently converted my ongoing post-cyberpunk campaign to the BoL system (with a few modifications, e.g. 2d10/target 14 because of the rather easily obtainable human augmentations). My players (and me, of course) love it! The system is beautifully intuitive while retaining enough complexity to make it interesting even for crunch fanatics.

I'm also eager to try out nerosfiddle's Barbarians of the Void, but it may take a while til I get to it.


10/18/2014 5:38 am  #59

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!


Picked up one of Simon's early BoL versions, and have followed the game ever since. Haven't gotten a group to play it yet, but that is due to change next month, when I get together with my long-time d20 group and reboot. Working on a post-apoc/Steampunk hack that should be interesting.:-)



10/18/2014 6:10 am  #60

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

Welcome all new joiners. Be sure to come visit often a post about your adventures, homerules and anything else that you think is of interest!


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