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5/04/2014 2:13 pm  #1

New Careers by MisterGuignol

I started a thread and this guy jumped in with a lot of great ideas, some are of course from the rulebook, but the add ons are genius:


Here's the list I've been using in my games, with bare-bones descriptions: 

Alchemist or Artificer – you are skilled at making and identifying potions, poisons, and medicines 
Assassin or Duelist – you are skilled at gathering information, stealth, poisons, persuasion, and perception 
Barbarian or Marauder – you are skilled at survival, wilderness lore, riding, intimidation, and perception 
Bard or Entertainer – you are skilled at performing, gossip, persuasion, history, and world lore 
Beggar or Vagabond – you are skilled at city lore, appraisal, gossip, and persuasion 
Druid or Witch – you are skilled at plant lore, animal lore, survival, and ancient lore 
Farmer or Peasant – you are skilled at animal lore, plant lore, haggling, and craft 
Highwayman or Mountebank – you are skilled at riding, perception, intimidation, and stealth 
Healer or Physician – you are skilled a first aid, medicine, surgery, and plant lore 
Inquisitor or Witch-Hunter – you are skilled in religious lore, persuasion, intimidation, and torture 
Knight or Free Lance – you are skilled at etiquette, heraldry, military lore, and riding 
Laborer or Worker – you are skilled at haggling, craft, and gossip 
Merchant or Trader – you are skilled at appraisal, haggling, trading, world lore, and persuasion 
Noble or Courtier – you are skilled at city lore, intrigue, persuasion, and etiquette 
Pit Fighter or Gladiator – you are skilled at city lore, performance, and criminal lore 
Priest or Cleric – you are skilled at ancient lore, religious lore, and persuasion 
Ranger or Hunter – you are skilled at survival, navigation, wilderness lore, perception, tracking, and stealth 
Sage or Scholar – you are skilled at ancient lore, history, and world lore 
Sailor or Pirate – you are skilled at seamanship, navigation, and criminal lore 
Sellsword or Mercenary – you are skilled at riding, intimidation, survival, and military lore 
Templar or Paladin – you are skilled at riding, religious lore, military lore, and survival 
Thief or Burglar – you are skilled at thievery, perception, and stealth 
Wolf’s Head or Outlaw – you are skilled at survival, thievery, stealth, criminal lore, and wilderness lore 
Wizard or Sorcerer – you are skilled at sorcery and ancient lore


5/04/2014 2:18 pm  #2

Re: New Careers by MisterGuignol

These were the careers I started the thread with, very meager in comparison:

Innkeeper (Barman) 
Bailiff (Constable) 
Wizard-hunter (Priestslayer) 
Illusionist (Phantasm Adept) 
Explorer (Deep Delver) 
Spy (Imposter)

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