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2/23/2014 3:43 am  #1

Heroic Levels

Heroic levels are based on D&D levels, but they are not tied to any class or archetype. This is a measure of you PC's legendary status (or action hero status in modern/sci-fi settings). By default, PCs start at level 0 with no measurable benefits (PCs by default are Heroes by their own right). For each level gained, adds 1d6 (or a static number) to your Lifeblood and Arcane Power (if any), adds 1 to your Hero Points and Fate Points (if any), and you get an extra attack in one round of combat. The bonus attack can be converted to a bonus damage die (so a level 2 hero can make 2 attacks or make 1 attack that inflicts 2 dice of damage), or to a defensive roll (dodge or parry). The GM may rule on lowering the difficulty on spell-casting, alchemy, and such by the PC's level.

These levels can make a Hero vary powerful, and rightfully so... such figures are said to bletch fire, piss lightning, and shit thunder! (not really, but that is how common folks see them - then again, I can do a three after eating really cheep fast food)

The cost to gain levels are based on how long you might what to run a campaign, or how difficult you what to make getting to the higher levels. You - as the GM - might what to make the base cost 5 or 10. You might what to make the higher costs linear (10, 20, 30, 40) or exponential (10, 20, 40, 80). You might what to make these points actual Advance Point costs or the total AP cost gain (spent, saved or otherwise) throughout one's career. You might what to cap the level at 4 (in keeping with the normal rules) or ignore it altogether (mind you, anything above 5th level is a demigod).

Level and Title
0 Local Hero
1 Great Hero
2 Mighty Hero
3 Inspiring Legend
4 Hero of Legend
5+ God-like Hero

New Traits & Flaws
Destined for Greatness: The requirement to gain a Heroic Level is cut down by one-half, and may advance 1 level above the level cap (if used).
Destined for Mediocrity: The player may not gain any Heroic Levels.

The point of making Heroic Levels is not to make the game like D&D, where everything (including heroic archetypes and skill level) is tied to levels, but to make it more like the Fighting-man from OD&D & Chainmail, where level was just a measure of one's greatness (and is still open-ended enough to allow for a wide range of archetypes). I what to make these levels more heroic plateaus, then just the usual character ranks the players feel obligated to advance through. Use this rule in what way you wish, if you choose to use these rules at all...


4/12/2014 1:24 pm  #2

Re: Heroic Levels

I'm not as fond of level based games.  I think BoL works pretty well with different characters advancing different things.   

But I'd be interested to see if anyone else used this and what happened.


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