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3/21/2014 2:50 am  #21

Re: Alternative to Lifeblood

Several message sin this thread

1. Your own message in message #1 and the following responses.

2. Message in #7: consequences

3. Advantage sistem of H&I suggested by theGIT in #10 and his suggestion of nerfing Hero points in #12 (great suggestion BTW)

4. Posts #15-16 elaborate on bringing penalties to the characters when they receive damage.

Frankly, I do not see how you cannot see the diverse options already available. It is not like the system in BoL is rocjket science precisely. Its amazingness derives from its simplicity after all. Tinkering with it a little without breaking it is rather easy to do and a fair number of alternatives have been suggested so far.



3/24/2014 11:51 am  #22

Re: Alternative to Lifeblood

Xavi wrote:

if you want to reduce your performance, you can keep the Lifelood mechanic, but add a -1 when you ahve lost 25% of health or more, -2 when you ahve lost 50% or more and simply take a penalty die (buyt with no penalties) when you have lost 75% or more damage over your base health. it is a fairly standard system and easy to implement without breaking anything or require bookkeeping.

I had a closer look at this idea and I think the math may be scewed. A penalty die may sound bad but I believe a -2 modifier could be worse. The reason I say this is that achieving a target number of 9 or greater with a penalty die is 10.7% while it is only 8.3% with a -2 modifier. I'm no math expert so my numbers could be wrong but, even with a penalty die, it's easier to achieve a result of 9 to 11 than it is with a -2 mod (heck, a -2 mod means you can only roll a max of 9 unless you roll a double 6).


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4/12/2014 4:48 pm  #23

Re: Alternative to Lifeblood

So, has anyne tired this in a few campaigns? It sounds workable, but might lead to too much party death.   In a 2d6 system, even a -1 is pretty severe.


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