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3/20/2024 2:59 am  #11

Re: What IRL time period equivalent do you set your BoL games in?

The GIT! wrote:

I've always wanted to run a Heroes of Hellas game as well; I do have a love for anything to do with Greek mythology. Another setting I really want to use with BoL is Legends of Steel. I love the setting and was thinking of running something akin to Game of Thrones and/or The First Law trilogy in style, and bring in the Sulanese Empire, which is only hinted at on the map of Erisa.
You can find the pdf at and the hardcover at

I don't know if it's just me but I don't see the usual drivethrurpg preview look enabled for it but appreciate the link.  The comments/reviews seem positive. Is it for the current mythic version of the game or the older (legendary?) one?

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3/20/2024 3:23 am  #12

Re: What IRL time period equivalent do you set your BoL games in?

roryb wrote:

Pit Fighter wrote:

Thanks as I wasn't aware of that one.   When I mentioned an Ancients settings, I was actually thinking of a mix of bronze and iron age cultures so that might be helpful as a reference if I ever got something going!  Does it make some meaningful difference between iron and bronze mechanically in the rules?  I'm considering something like that based on critical hits/fumbles only so as not to be too onerous.

To the best of my recollection, there is no difference other than flavor and being able to call your weapon a xiphos, for example. Armor is still piecemeal, as per Legendary rules. It's always on the table for a calamitous failure. Keep in mind that HoH is in the Legendary edition era. That's not really a big deal. There's a nice bestiary and gazetteer in it, and all the peoples are defined by their regional traits.

There are some other things that make it suitable for mythic adventures, specifically in Hellas:

* Kleos. A measure of renown
* Handling gods.
* Large scale battles and sailing. These are nothing new, but at the time, Legendary didn't have those sections. The sea battles section does have a little something extra there.
* Cult of Orpheus. A bardic system equivalent to sorcery with its own unique flavor
* Other character types. You can also play demigods, minotaurs, centaurs, and satyrs
* Adventures. There's a couple of ancient Greek adventures and quite a few seeds

As you can see, it's more tailored specifically for ancient Greek stories, and less a general toolkit for bronze age stuff.

Heroes of Hellas is about my favourite of all of the BoL spin-offs (even just ahead of my own Dogs of W*A*R.


3/21/2024 12:56 pm  #13

Re: What IRL time period equivalent do you set your BoL games in?

Heroes of Hellas is a terrific setting.

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