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10/19/2023 4:59 pm  #41

Re: Back to Barbarians of Lemuria - some different settings/campaigns

Sigulf wrote:

So we played the "Bounty Hunters" adventure on 6-30 and 7-1.  It played out pretty well.  My wife's character didn't try to fight it out with the Bounty Hunters and negotiated with them successfully to allow her and her companion to go into the Charred Bogs and try to locate the Wizard who had bought the stolen gem from the thief.  The Bounty Hunters took custody of the thief and gave Anya seven days to return with the gem.

The trip through the bogs was an eventful day and a half journey.  They encountered a swamp dragon eight hours into the trip and then a swamp cat just outside the temple ruins.  In the ruins, they managed to avoid being swarmed by a rat swarm (running into a room and closing the door behind them and then emerging with a torch did the trick), then they took out a pair of ghouls, a poisonous snake (Anya made her Strength task roll to avoid the poisons effects), and eventually the main baddie - a Nightgaunt.

They located the dead wizard's body and found the gem in the Nightgaunt's lair.  Returning to Jalizar, they met up with the Bounty Hunters and traded the gem for the thief (Anya had to make a Mind task roll to overcome her "Greedy" flaw though).

Next up will be a short adventure detailing what has happened to Rykard.   I made a pre-gen character for my wife to play during this short adventure, a female Valk spear wielder.

We did take last week off from BoL to run some characters through the Fantasy Trip's Death Test - did not go well for the characters, they all died.   (There is a reason why they call it the Death Test...)

I've run characters through Death Test for decades.  They still die on me.

Where's my axe?

10/20/2023 3:48 am  #42

Re: Back to Barbarians of Lemuria - some different settings/campaigns

"I've run characters through Death Test for decades.  They still die on me."

Yep, Melee, Wizard, and then The Fantasy Trip was the game that got me into RPGs back in the late 70s.   I never played D&D until the early 90s, when a friend of ours taught my wife and I the game.

I've run the Death Test many times over the years, but with the new TFT Legacy Ed, we started playing a bit again.  My wife and I have now run three different adventuring groups through it, and only the first group survived.  

Still love TFT, and we will switch over to it from BoL from time to time. 

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