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6/08/2023 1:29 pm  #1

Bol Mythic for Masters of the Universe?

What do you all think about using Barbarians of Lemuria Mythic Edition to do a Masters of the Universe campaign in the sword & sorcery spirit of the minicomics? My fave sword & sorcery RPG ever I think would be a good fit with a couple of tweaks.

Are there alt magic systems that could be used to mimic some of the MotU powers in Everywhen? I own the book and PDF, but haven't read it yet.  I'd also have to tweak careers to somehow fit MotU.

Has anyone seen/found a good way to do superhuman strength in BoL?


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6/09/2023 1:30 am  #2

Re: Bol Mythic for Masters of the Universe?

BoL Mythic can definitely do this - in fact I seem to recall seeing a post on Big Purple a few years back about someone who had done this. (Sorry, no idea who, or when.) I don't think EW will add anything that isn't in BoL aside from the quicker recovery of Arcane Points option.

As for specifics on magic, etc. I can't help, as I've never seen the tv show or read the comics (too old I guess). Super strength? Umm...make Strength Feat boon stackable? Give free points to be spent on Strength only for certain builds??? I suppose it depends on what 'Super Strength' is in the source material. I got nothing. 

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6/09/2023 3:56 am  #3

Re: Bol Mythic for Masters of the Universe?

Like Gruntfuttock posted above, with BoL; you should be able to run a Masters of the Universe campaign.  I've been able to run assorted campaigns of different varieties with BoL Mythic and my house rules with just a little bit of work.  (I also have other assorted BoL engine books to borrow stuff from:  BoL Legendary, Legends of Steel, Honor and Intrigue, Dicey Tales, Heroes of Hellas, Dogs of W.A.R., Everywhen, etc. etc.)

I don't really know much about MotU other than the hero is He-Man and the villain is Skeletor and there a Castle Grayskull somewhere?   

So can't help with specific things regarding the setting but creating some Boons and/or Flaws for this specific setting shouldn't be too hard.

Good luck with your project!   Keep us informed on how it goes.

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6/09/2023 9:18 am  #4

Re: Bol Mythic for Masters of the Universe?

Thanks all.  I think I own every BoL version and derivative product yet released.

In looking at the Everywhen version of BoL, this could work really well for a MotU campaign! It even has some simple scale rules on pg 31 that would model He-Man's super strength really well.

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7/11/2023 2:27 am  #5

Re: Bol Mythic for Masters of the Universe?

I cannot think of a better RPG system than BoL.


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