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9/21/2022 7:00 pm  #1

Back to Barbarians of Lemuria - some different settings/campaigns

My wife and I have been playing some The Fantasy Trip:  In the Labyrinth lately but are going to be heading back to BoL soon.  I have several different campaigns/settings waiting and just have to decide which setting to play first.

1.  The Hammer of Æs - our ongoing Hyborian Age campaign, our characters are still in Shem and are about to take on "The Seethers in Darkness" (a 2d20 Modephius adventure).

2.  The Jalizar Campaign - our ongoing Savage Worlds Beasts and Barbarians campaign, centered around the Jalizar, The City of Thieves.  (Have converted The Tower of The Elephant for Jalizar, its a couple of adventures away still though...should be a blast... we played it using the Mongoose d20 Conan rules before and loved it - my favorite Conan story!)

3.  Legends of Steel - returning to Erisa for a story arc.  Really like the setting alot.  My wife plan's to run a magic user, so we will see how it goes.  Have 7 adventures ready for it already, they are all short one night adventures, but I have found that my wife prefers these... she doesn't like cliff hangers...)

4.  Warhammer:  have been working on adapting some Warhammer adventures for BoL.  Have a few short ones set up, we had run them a few years back - then stopped, plan to run them again with different characters, we just have to decide what characters will fit the campaign the best and if we want to re-run the adventures again, or move on to other adventures - I purchased the book "Rough Nights & Hard Days" it has 5 interlinked adventures in it, that might be fun to adapt to BoL.

Decisions, decisions...

Unfortunately, the Freeport Campaign (using BoL of course) that I was running for my wife and our friend died off, he's pretty busy with work and already plays in a couple of different gaming groups so I don't know if we will be able to pick it up again.  


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10/29/2022 2:27 pm  #2

Re: Back to Barbarians of Lemuria - some different settings/campaigns

A few weeks ago I ran the 2d20 Modephius Conan adventure "Seethers in the Darkness" having converted it to BoL.  Pretty good adventure over all.  

I am now running a Warhammer Old World Campaign for my wife and I using the BoL rules.  She is running a High Elf Noble/Sorceress and a Bretonnian female sell-sword that fights with a longsword and short sword combo.  My NPC/PC character is a sell-sword turned bounty hunter from Ostland, he fights with a zweihander.

Have run a couple of adventures already and are in the middle of a fan-made adventure called Warband (by Colin Chapman) that I have converted to BoL.  Played the first part last night and are going to finish it tonight.  Pretty cool little adventure - saving a small village from some Greenskins!

I've been watching some You Tube Warhammer live play and really got the urge to play in that setting again.  I have always liked the Old World - having read the Gotrek and Felix series and many others in the past.

BoL works pretty good for that setting - with the careers and all. 

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11/14/2022 8:26 pm  #3

Re: Back to Barbarians of Lemuria - some different settings/campaigns

Last Friday and Saturday night we played the Warhammer adventure "There are no such things as Skaven" by Sami Uusitalo, converted to BoL of course.  It was pretty easy to convert, and my wife loved the adventure.

Funny thing, I have been watching some Warhammer Fantasy RPG videos on You Tube.  While I love the Warhammer setting, I don't like the Warhammer system - doesn't matter the edition, to convoluted and slow in play - from what I have been seeing.  Not the case with the BoL conversion.

Going to continue with the Warhammer setting for a while longer - I have a few more adventures for our three PCs "Heroes of the Empire" now!  (They were awarded the Imperial Cross by Emperor himself after the "Warband" adventure. )

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12/03/2022 10:12 am  #4

Re: Back to Barbarians of Lemuria - some different settings/campaigns

So a while back I watched a YouTube Warhammer fantasy adventure live play called "Something Wicked", from what I gathered it was a scenario/adventure made up by the GM Humphrey Ker (I could be wrong, but that is what I recall.)  He did a great job GMing, there were 3 PCs, one was outstanding - the other two, not so much (I'm being kind...).  I really liked the adventure, and I jotted down some notes to possibly run it myself - of course, using BoL rules!

I converted the adventure to BoL, with some changes to the story for my purposes and ran it for my wife and me.  It took two sessions, in the end, I asked my wife what she thought, and she said, "that was a great adventure".  I asked her if she remembered me watching a live play where the female elf character took a dump in the middle of the street, and she said "yeah, I do" I told her that she just played that same adventure, with some changes of course.  She was really surprised, since she had heard some of the play.

She is playing two characters, a female High Elf Sorceress and a female Bretonnian sell-sword.  All three of our PCs were bitten by were-wolves, and her sell-sword failed her Strength task roll.  The PCs had to find a cure, believing that they were all infected.  A Priest of Sigmar told them that they had until the next full moon, 18 days away.  I made a little side-quest for her where they ended up in a city and were able to find a herbalist/alchemist to make a potion.  I told her that I would roll the NPCs task roll in secret and if he failed, the potion was no good and her character would turn during the next full moon, becoming my NPC to control.  That got her a little scared...

In the end, the NPC made the "demanding" task roll and the potion worked.

Tonight, we are going to play "A Shadow Falls" a fan made Warhammer adventure written and designed by Court Dimon (AKA HedgeWizard).  I have converted it for BoL and it really looks pretty good.

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1/08/2023 6:59 pm  #5

Re: Back to Barbarians of Lemuria - some different settings/campaigns

Over the last month we have continued with our Warhammer BoL campaign.  Finished "A Shadow Falls" - a pretty good adventure overall, my wife really liked it.  After that I ran "Karl & Scents" by Fahri Alp Kilic.  The first part was pretty good, but the second part got de-railed (as some adventures do ), didn't like the way it turned out overall - but that is life, so we have to continue on now.

Planning to adapt a classic Warhammer Fantasy adventure, "Night of Blood" for the next adventure. However we might take a break from Warhammer and return to our BoL Beasts & Barbarians "Jalizar Campaign" for a bit.  We will decide over the next few days.

A belated Happy New Year to all.  


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1/10/2023 3:24 am  #6

Re: Back to Barbarians of Lemuria - some different settings/campaigns

And a Happy New Year to you too? (How's it shaping up?)

Glad to see that you and the better half are still having fun playing BoL. My wife and I run 1GM-1 Player games ourselves, usually on a turn and turn about rota. Last year I ran a successful Hyborian campaign using BoL, as well as a Everywhen/BoL adaptation of 'Warlords of Atlantis' (written for the 'Barbaric' rpg).

This year I'm planning to run a campaign set in the world of King Kull, adapting the setting in the 'Book of Quests', written for Runequest 6th Edition. I'm waiting for the joint Everywhen & BoL compatable 'Sword & Sorcery Codex' which should be available soon.

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1/10/2023 6:21 am  #7

Re: Back to Barbarians of Lemuria - some different settings/campaigns

Gruntfuttock wrote:

This year I'm planning to run a campaign set in the world of King Kull, adapting the setting in the 'Book of Quests', written for Runequest 6th Edition.

I had to Google the "Book of Quests" adventure path/series.  It looks like a pretty good series of adventures to covert to a Kull or other Sword and Sorcery campaing.  I might have to pick that up. 

So many choices 

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1/10/2023 7:21 am  #8

Re: Back to Barbarians of Lemuria - some different settings/campaigns

I was put onto it by someone posting in another place that BoQ was easily convertable to a Conan campaign. When I saw it had Serpent Men and an evil necromancer I instantly thought - "Kull!"

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1/16/2023 8:49 am  #9

Re: Back to Barbarians of Lemuria - some different settings/campaigns

Using Book of Quests for a Kull campaign is inspired. I'm definitely going to look at doing the same; thanks for sharing this idea.

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1/17/2023 6:40 am  #10

Re: Back to Barbarians of Lemuria - some different settings/campaigns

Happy to pass on the idea - I only wish I could remember who posted the original idea, so I could give them the credit.

My idea is for the game to take place with Kull as king and fighting a war with Commoria. The setting's country of 'The Realm' would be close to, but not on the border with, Commoria. Kull is concerned about the ruler's loyalty, so has sent a group of spies to the barony (or whatever I decide to call it). The spies are serving soldiers in the Valusian army, seconded to the secret service, loosely based on the real world Roman secret service. 

The soldiers are travelling as a spice merchant and his bodyguards. The merchant is the commander of the unit, and will set up shop in the capital, with some accompanying staff. His bodyguards - Pictish light cavalry - will be 'paid off' and look for employment elsewhere. They will roam the country (searching for signs of  disloyalty) while the merchant becomes a fixture in the capital (keeping a close eye on goings on there). The 'mercenary Picts' will return to the capital from time to time, to secretly report to the merchant. He is responsible for sending reports back to Kull.

While they are fulfilling their mission they will become involved with the scenarios in BoQ. By the way, the Baron (or whatever I call the ruler) will prove in the end to be loyal to King Kull. 


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My real name is Steve Hall

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