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1/03/2022 10:59 am  #1

Happy New Year for 2022

I know less and less people are following these forums but, for those that still drop by now and again, Happy New Year!
I hope 2022 is a good year for everyone and let's hope we can learn to live with COVID, so that we can get back to gaming round the table with our friends again.

Wealth can be wonderful, but you know, success can test one's mettle as surely as the strongest adversary.

1/16/2022 4:01 am  #2

Re: Happy New Year for 2022

(Belated) happy new year to you!

I haven't logged in for (literally) years, apparently - I was shocked to see how long it's been.

But I have been running some BoL in the meantime.


1/22/2022 1:24 pm  #3

Re: Happy New Year for 2022

And Happy New Year also!  May 2022 be a happy and healthy one for you and yours.

Where's my axe?

4/29/2022 8:35 am  #4

Re: Happy New Year for 2022


Dammit, I wanna play BoL RIGHT @#$% NOW!

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