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8/13/2021 11:55 am  #11

Re: Converting the Forgotten Realms Adventure "Sons of Gruumsh"

Last night we finished our second session of Death in Freeport - BoL style...  So far it's going really good, my friend's character is a male human who's careers include - Physician 1, Slave 0, Sailor 2, Explorer 1 (taken from the Honor & Intrigue game).  He wields a scimitar and a buckler.  His boons are Weapon Mastery "Scimitars" and Friends in Low Places, his flaw is Hatred of Slavers.

My wife is playing a half-elf female thief/sorceress.  Her character was born in Freeport and raised by her "adoptive" father, a tavern owner who was a former thief/fence.  Her character found out that she had some magical aptitude and has spent the last two years studying at an arcane school in Korvosoa.  Her character's careers are Innkeeper 0, Thief 2, Sorceress 2, Mariner 0.  She also wields a thrusting sword and dagger (both d6L weapons).  Her boons are Magically Inclined (no extra flaw from being a Half Elf), Alert, and Attractive.  Her flaws are Half-Breed, City Dweller, and Heroic to a Fault.

I am running an NPC/PC to assist them, he is the same dwarf that I ran during the Sons of Gruumsh adventure, but this campaign takes place in an alternate universe....  The dwarf's careers are Miner 1, Mercenary 1, Explorer 2, and Champion 0.  His boons are Nigh Sight (free for Dwarves in my campaign), Weapon Mastery "Battleaxes", and Armor Training.  His flaw is Landlubber - which will be interesting in this pirate theme campaign .

I plan to run the original Freeport tribology: Death, Terror, and Madness in Freeport and also have a few side adventures to run in between them.  If they like it enough, I also have an additional 5 or so more adventures for them in the Freeport verse after that.

I have been a really BIG fan of Freeport for a long time (close to 20 years now) and am really excited about tackling it on with the BoL rules.

As far as advancement points go, I plan to award either 2 or 3 APs after Death in Freeport, then award 3 or 2 more APs after Terror in Freeport.  So by the start of the third adventure, they will have 5 APs total.  Of course this might change.

I plan to make magic items & weapons a little scarce in my campaign, but they might run across a few items - specially some different potions or scrolls.  

The best part is that my friend has lots of different rpg maps for towns, ships, taverns, etc... and he has brought a dozen or so over, so its pretty nice to use them.  


8/14/2021 4:57 am  #12

Re: Converting the Forgotten Realms Adventure "Sons of Gruumsh"

I think it's a wise choice to make magic items and weapons scarce. Too many of those and you start to loose the sword and sorcery feel. Such things should be rare and individual (perhaps even carrying their own name). Then they have a real presence and impact on the setting.

In my old Ancient Egyptian game, the few magic dodads had individual names and also a history. It made them truely special.

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