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5/01/2020 1:38 am  #1

Two styles of magic?

I'm still prepping my BoL/Everywhen powered game set in Finn Cullen's fantasy setting (in between running EW urban fantasy games set in 1933 L.A.) and now I'm addressing the thorny subject of magic. This is definitely a sword & sorcery game, so the BoL magic rules are definitely being used - but I might also have the EW magic rules used for another tradition.

The BoL rules would be used for the evil mages of the setting, while the EW rules would be used for more scholarly styles. Not so much a white and black magic 'traditional' split, but more rural/apprentice verses urban/pupil styles.

To explain my idea: in my version of the setting (not necessarily as Finn wrote it) this is a bronze age society of two city states both sited not far where a large river meets the sea. One city has a strong Babylonian feel, while the other is more like Egyptian Memphis. The EW magic system would be for respectable urban sorcerers, while the BoL system would be for rural wizards and urban mages who have 'lost their way' in the search for greater power.

The EW system allows for a speedier recovery of Arcane Points than BoL and there is no 'take an extra Flaw rule' - i.e. no corruption. I might limit mages using the EW rules to Cantrips and 1st and 2nd Magnitude spells only - this is to simulate the divination and fortune telling focus of real world Babylonian magical practice.Of course, EW mages can always go over to 'The Dark Side' if they choose to dabble in the different tradition. I'm not sure yet if I want to use EW's optional rule of Arcane Domains or not.

Does this seem like a bad idea to you? Has anyone done anything like this in their own games? All feedback gratefully received.

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5/02/2020 11:38 am  #2

Re: Two styles of magic?

Hi, I had a very similar idea for my BoL/D&D mashup that I haven't run yet. The "vancian"/D&D mages are the scholarly type, and those from other cultures are of the sorcerer/warlock type. At one point I intended to have the sorcerer/warlocks go with the freeform BoL style, and I never saw any reason that wouldn't work (assuming I got the Vancian stuff right). I had two very different campaign areas and really liked the idea of "foreign" magic being powered and used totally differently. Go for it!


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