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7/15/2019 10:04 am  #1

Boons that are restricted to character creation only

The core rulebook says only some boons can be taken at character creation but then when you look at the boons list none of them state that stipulation.  Is the game just leaving it up to GM's discretion?

What boons would you as a GM restrict in this way?


7/15/2019 11:11 am  #2

Re: Boons that are restricted to character creation only

I may be wrong, but I believe it states the first boon must be chosen from your origin, and then above that, one must come from a career (away from my books now), and first flaw taken from origin. I believe those are what form the limiters of what is chosen.

I’m sure I got some of that wrong just going by addled memory.


9/29/2021 11:02 am  #3

Re: Boons that are restricted to character creation only

Let's say Krongar -after many sessions of play- increases his beginning strength of 3 to his maximum of 5, all for a cost of 16 advancement points (XPs). Could he then take up the Blue Giant Strength boon to increase his strength to 6 for the cost of a measly 2 XPs?!?

After all, Rork Kozaar who begins play both with strength 4 & the Blue Giant Strength boon needs 20 XPs to reach his maximum of 6...

Some BoL GMs would say that the attribute increasing boons can only be taken during character generation. Others would say that those boons can be acquired in play but only for those attributes which haven't been increased yet. While a third type of GMs are OK with those boons being taken at any time during play.

BoL:ME p. 156:

"Buy boons and buy off flaws:

- Spend 2 AP to remove a flaw. Some flaws cannot be removed.
- Spend 2 AP to take a new boon. Some boons cannot be taken after character creation."

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9/29/2021 11:18 am  #4

Re: Boons that are restricted to character creation only

I'm fairly free and easy when it comes to players picking boons. I think Lankohring nails the three typical approaches.

I usually rule that boons like 'Attractive', 'Jungle Born' , 'Keen Eyesight' & 'Marked by the Gods' are boons that must be taken at chargen and can't be taken after. Any others you can take after chargen.

However, I have broken this in the past, when a really poor and downtrodden PC from the hamlet of 'Shitkicker', in the land of 'Whogivesatoss' moved to the big city with lots of ill-gotten gains and learnt to wash regularly and could afford to dress well. Then I allowed them to take the boon of 'Attractive'.

As ever, it's really down to your call as GM.

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