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4/28/2019 5:57 am  #1

My wife's Everywhen urban fantasy game

A couple of weeks back, I mentioned that my wife had run a one-to-one game for me in an urban fantasy setting that she last ran in 2016. She used to run it with FUDGE, but wanted to try her hand at running EW. She enjoyed the EW experience so much that she has resurrected the game and yesterday ran a game for me and another player (who played in the old FUDGE games).

We had a great time, and a simple transportation job from an antique shop in Paris to London's British Museum proved more complicated than expected. We were transporting a locked antique box that had been looted from the Baghdad Museum at the end of the war. We were accompanied by a (beautiful) Iraqi academic who was to identify the box as genuine. We knew the box possibly contained a Djinn or some other demon. She was a rational antiquarian and the awful reality had to be kept from her.

She identified the box as genuine, but as we took it out of the shop, we realised we were under observation. Then things got complicated.

A sorcerer was after the box to release the djinn and after some business outside the Eurostar terminal he did manage to steal it from us (cue a fit of hysterics from the lovely academic).Back at the hotel we sedated the academic while pretending to give her something for her headache. Then we tracked down the sorcerer (using magic), and killed him just as he was nearly finishing the ritual to open the box.

Highlights were the other player (the mage) scrying for the location of the artefact on top of the Eifel Tower, and also hacking into the hotel security camera feed and setting up a loop video of an empty corridor so there was no record of us breaking into the villain's room (yes, the mage does IT and housebreaking as well!) I dealt with the villain's hired muscle in the train station (non-lethally) and even got him arrested by the flics for trying to steal my phone (actually, I stole his). I also dealt with the evil sorcerer (lethally).

EW worked wonderfully for this setting and Alison is keen to carry on with this setting - she's already thinking of the next game!

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