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2/17/2019 3:45 am  #1

Everywhen Random Game Idea Part 3

[Originally posted on MeWe 2 months ago]

Wikipedia fuels the fire.

The crypt of Tamerlane was discovered in Shahrisabz in what is now Uzbekistan in 1943, when a child playing football fell through the ground. In the centre of the room there is the marble sarcophagus. It is covered with a huge, monolithic marble gravestone, which is 11 centimetres thick, with 5 iron rings being attached at the corners and in the middle.

On the stone were found encryptions related to the life of Amir Timur, thus it is believed that the crypt was intended for him. However, the conqueror was buried in Samarkand, not at Shahrisabz, and mysteriously, his tomb in Shahrisabz contained two unidentified corpses.

"When I rise from the dead, the world shall tremble."

"Who ever opens my tomb, shall unleash an invader more terrible than I."

Who is in the tomb? Undead Timur and his favourite wife? Two (previous) tomb robbers? Demon guards?
Whatever is in there, we can be safe in assuming that it's not good news for the PCs.

The PCs write themselves:
The Chinese bandit with double dao and a Russian Mosin Nagant Rifle
The British Army deserter with a Lee Enfield and a Webley
The displaced American gunfighter, with Peacemaker and Winchester
The shady German archaeologist with Luger and Broomhandle Mauser
The Pashtun rogue (ex-Indian Army Guide) with Lee Enfield and Tulwar
The Uzbek scholar with uncanny powers and too much forbidden knowledge (and hidden agenda?)

So the PCs start in Kabul, follow up clues in Bokhara, get set up in Samarkand, and find more than they expected in Shahrisabz…..

My real name is Steve Hall

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