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2/14/2019 8:28 am  #1

Epic Wars of Land and Sea (mass battles)

Picking up from a discussion on another thread....

I've just recently started playing with the land battles system from Mythic, essentially as a solo wargame in my campaign setting.  The system seems great for my intents and purposes: simple and abstract, and the Heroic Actions are a nice touch. 

Who has used the land or naval mass battle rules from Mythic, Heroes of Hellas, or Honor + Intrigue?  Want to share your experiences? How do the variants stack up?  Magic apparently isn't much of a battlefield factor in the Lemurian setting, but what about settings where such use of magic isn't considered taboo?  Any other thoughts? 

Very curious to hear what y'all have to say.  I'll post more of my own thoughts on the subject here as I play and tinker more.


2/14/2019 9:58 am  #2

Re: Epic Wars of Land and Sea (mass battles)

I'm just going to paste my comments from the other thread here so there's something:

roryb wrote:

For solo gaming appreciation month, I did some BoL solo and got to try out the battles. I had an evenly-sided combat, which went on for too long due to even odds. In the future I would probably change the resolution mechanic to victory points gained over five exchanges or so and rate on a scale:

0 - stalemate
1-2 - mariginal success for victor
3-4 - decisive success for victor
5 - overwhelming success for victor

That way, it won’t go on forever and would still give PCs a chance to do some things to effect the outcome.

The problem with my play through RAW is that with modifiers evening out on both sides, and dice centering on average for the 2d6 curve, it seemed impossible for one side or the other to achieve victory. Hence, the modification. On a more one sided battle, it works, but it can still take quite a number of exchanges to reach the final result.


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