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8/05/2017 5:00 am  #1

Dicey Tales Mythic is alive!!

Jeff is thinking of a kickstarter.

​Carpathia to follow (hopefully) as a supplement - so a longer wait for that.

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8/15/2017 5:13 am  #2

Re: Dicey Tales Mythic is alive!!


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9/22/2017 2:07 am  #3

Re: Dicey Tales Mythic is alive!!

I will shame-facedly admit to being a part of the delay for DT Mythic. I started proofing a near complete version of it for Jeff and adding some editorial contributions. Full of drive to burn through the project, but then real life got in the way (as it so often does). That corresponded with Jeff having some RL issues/commitments as well and it all slid into the background. I suspect if I'd persevered with it, it would have been ready by now, but I'm only guessing; there was about 1/4 of the manuscript not completed and available to look through. Curses to having a job and family!

It's really good to see Jeff has been able to finish it (payed for a proof reader/editor I'm expecting). I'm looking forward to the Kickstarter and plan to contribute generously.


9/22/2017 12:20 pm  #4

Re: Dicey Tales Mythic is alive!!

I know I did a big hit on some editing for Jeff a while back regarding DT. It's been a long road for Jeff and I think DT has gone through a number of changes over the years - it is exciting to think this will be available soon on KS.

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1/16/2018 1:49 am  #5

Re: Dicey Tales Mythic is alive!!

It has been a while, any news yet?

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