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8/28/2017 5:01 am  #1

Toughs and Zero Lifeblood

The rules indicate that at 0 LB, Toughs turn up their toes and croak (or like Rabble, can be rendered unconscious if PCs prefer). Anyway, this is the way I’ve always run it.

 However, recently in my Ancient Egyptian campaign I’ve decided that Toughs who are at 0 or negative LB can be saved and stabilized like PCs/Villains in the minus range – if they are allies of the PCs. This is because the PCs have some fairly heavy opposition pitched against them and are accompanied by a small group of allied Toughs, who are not only support but also friends. So not only does this keep some extra PC ‘resources’ in play, but I also get the drama of friends being injured and near death (rather than a straightforward dead or unconscious result).

 In your opinion, does this give the PCs too much of an advantage against an uncaring universe? Am I being too soft-hearted? Have you ever done anything like this in your games?

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8/28/2017 12:06 pm  #2

Re: Toughs and Zero Lifeblood

No, I think this is a good way of playing if you want returning characters and want the players to feel attachment to them. If an ally hits 0 LB or starts bleeding out, it can add a tense moment to an otherwise routine combat for the players because they need to save their friend! And even if they do save them they may be in no condition to continue fighting without rest.

I have used a tweaked Balik Joram as a recurring character for my group and whenever he shows up the party is overjoyed to see him because they have shared so many adventures together. By giving the toughs a chance of revival you're allowing them to possibly become a colourful element of your campaign's narrative, rather than just another shallow pawn of theirs in another shallow grave.

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