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6/04/2017 5:20 am  #11

Re: My post-Ragnarok Norse setting for BoL

Gruntfuttock wrote:

Narmer wrote:

Wow!  Almost 150 pages.  And nicely laid out and illustrated.  This looks better than some of the products I've purchased.

I thought the same thing myself! This is quality work. Added to what Peter is providing here in his Dark Ages setting, we really are being spoilt on this site.


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6/04/2017 11:09 am  #12

Re: My post-Ragnarok Norse setting for BoL

Very nice!


6/05/2017 1:47 pm  #13

Re: My post-Ragnarok Norse setting for BoL

This is very impressive! Really a complete game and such a comprehensive piece of world building. I really like the "alt-vinland"/vikings under strange skies idea.

I'm not sure whether you are looking for input (or indeed still editing the pdf), but if I am allowed just a minor comment I think you could potentially make the premise a bit more explicit - using f.e.x. the blurb you use to open this thread in the introduction section.

Impressive work!

p.s. the theme reminds me a little of the Vikings and Valkyries expansion I worked on with Olivier (the author of the core game - Mazes and Minotaurs) - link for possible interest:


6/07/2017 11:26 am  #14

Re: My post-Ragnarok Norse setting for BoL

Thank you for the kind words.

I thought about clearly stating that Fjarrstrand is actually Alfheim, and that portals to all of the other 8 realms exist throughout Fjarrstrand.  At the same time, I wanted to keep that a bit of a mystery to players (as they want to be surprised and don't like it when settings give away too many details).  That impulse won out.

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6/29/2017 8:46 am  #15

Re: My post-Ragnarok Norse setting for BoL

Mmm... Vikings, elves, Norse Myth, and and the sword and sorcery pace of BoL.  Makes me think of one of the great (and most underrated) fantasy novels of all time - The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson.

My internet foo is not that savvy - where is this 150 pages? Is there a viking themed BoL product that I am missing? If so, who do I give my money to? I'm not seeing a link anywhere.


6/29/2017 9:05 am  #16

Re: My post-Ragnarok Norse setting for BoL

The link was removed because there were a lot of game rules within the setting.  I'm working on stripping out that content and will re-post it once I'm done.

BTW, I just read The Broken Sword recently!

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9/24/2017 8:22 am  #17

Re: My post-Ragnarok Norse setting for BoL

I re-posted the link below.  At this point the only rules provided are those that have been altered from the BoL Mythic rules.

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