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Re: My Ancient Egyptian game (blame Narmer - he asked about it)

The second half of our Egyptian campaign panned out this way (Part 1):

Episode 6 – Oasis, saw the players foil an Atenist terrorist attack on the Thebes government grain store and find links to a fanatical terror group called the Flames of Aten. They are inducted into The Eyes of Horus – General Horemheb’s personal spy network. The PCs destroy the Flames’ safe haven in the Faiyum Oasis, but missed the leader and his elite terror cell who were on their way to Memphis, to carry out attacks in Memphis during a durbar with Egypt’s vassal kings of Canaan and southern Syria.

Episode 7 – Walking in Memphis, found the players hunting the Flames of Aten terror cell and stopping the assassination of General Horemheb, destruction of the central government records (which went back hundreds of years), and finally a last minute race to foil the assassination of King Harkhuf (never trust a dancing girl!)

Episode 8 – City of Ghosts, saw the players travelling to Akhetaten, the old royal capital of Pharaoh Akenaten. Since the fall of his Atenist regime the city has been slowly dismantled by army workgangs, who are assisted the dwindling number of citizens – those too poor to escape the dead capital. In Memphis the PCs had discovered that Akenaten’s queen, Nefertiti, was not dead, as widely assumed. Instead she has been in hiding, ravaged by a disease which has made the most beautiful woman in the world now unrecognisable. She is in Akhetaten searching for her husband’s secret library, while the players search for her. They do not find her, but are led into a trap in the hidden tomb of Akenaten, having to face mechanical traps, animated mummies, and a nasty demon. They emerge bloodied but unbowed one dead demon later, with no fugitive queen but with more leads.

Episode 9 – Fugitive, was set back in Thebes. The medjay had returned home to find the calling card of a group of assassins known as the Amemets (the Devourers) left by his door – he is marked for death! A body has turned up in the city mortuary bearing strange teeth marks. News of an Atenist fugitive on the run from an Atenist refuge in Nubia leads to a manhunt to capture the fugitive before an Atenist revenge squad silence him. The revenge squad turn out to be a necromancer with a mummy and zombies to back him up, as well as a crew of Atenist sailors. The players capture the fugitive but have to defend their quarry from the mummy. (The Amemets had still not made their move.)

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Re: My Ancient Egyptian game (blame Narmer - he asked about it)

The second half of our Egyptian campaign panned out this way (Part 2):

Episode 10 – Honey and Vinegar, in which the interrogation of the fugitive filled in holes in the player’s evidence so far, which made for disturbing news. The full picture was that a diseased and dying Nefertiti resorted to the blood sacrifice of young women to keep herself alive. Now she had taken further steps to maintain her existence – swapping her spirit with a young Nubian woman, and plunging the innocent woman into her failing body, which she then promptly killed. She now styles herself the Queen of Nubia and plots a revolt in the far south. She is raising an army which she intends to lead to Thebes to enact her vengeance.

She looks about 20 years old and is very beautiful, and fighting men and mercenaries are flocking to her banner. She has a troop of Egyptian sorcerers led by a necromancer, and also a Babylonian mage who is researching something at an ancient stone circle in the Nubian desert. The other necromancer still in Thebes launches an attack on the medjay’s house with new mummies and zombies. Unfortunately this occurs at the same time as the Amemet assassins make their first attempt on the medjay’s life. Hilarity ensues. The former tomb robber now sorcerer kills the necromancer with a thrown dagger to the eye! The Amemets launch a second assassination attempt in the Pharoah’s palace, as the PCs are reporting to the General.

Episode 11 – Rumours of my Death, sees the PCs and half of their medjay ‘Untouchables’ sent south to Nubia, on a reconnaissance/spying mission to locate the Queen. This information was to be sent back to an army brigade commanded by an old comrade from the very first game, which was moving in their wake. Using the intelligence they had gathered the plan was to send in the brigade to destroy her army, while the PCs led a small band to kill the Queen and her sorcerers.

This did not go to plan. They first decided to visit the local garrison, and without mentioning the Queen but explaining they were on a mission from Pharaoh, to get the garrison ready to support the Brigade with local knowledge. Unfortunately the garrison commander and his men had gone over to the rebels, and the fortress was stuffed with her mercenaries. The commandant panicked (decided by dice roll – as I like to surprise myself) and tried to arrest the party, who escaped by the skin of their teeth, arrows falling around them like hailstones!

They fled back downriver, informed the Brigade that the entire country appeared to be in revolt and led the force back to the Queen’s headquarters. They went in a short while before the main force with a strike team to take out the Queen and her sorcerers. They faced were-hyenas, mummies and crazed servants in the Queen’s ruined palace, while a battle royal took place between the Brigade and the Queen’s army (the BoL battle rules shined here).

They chased the Queen and her Babylonian mage across the river where they sped to the standing stones in the desert. The tomb robber/sorcerer killed the Queen in a magical duel and the Babylonian was taken into custody. The PCs then pursued the necromancer and the traitorous garrison commander and killed both.

Returning to Thebes they were received by Pharaoh Tutankhamun himself and given Bees of Valour (the equivalent of the Victoria Cross/Silver Star).

I had expected Episode 11 to be the spying bit and an Episode 12 to be the battle. Because the garrison commander panicked, all their careful plans were junked, and it was a hell for leather roller coaster ride to kill the Queen and destroy the rebel army. It was a truly gore splattered pulp finale to the campaign, and you can’t ask for more than that!

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My real name is Steve Hall
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