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6/23/2016 10:43 am  #1

Return of the Son of Character Sheet, Mythic Edition

I made a quick-n-dirty, form-fillable PDF of the BoL:ME character sheet. You can get it here:

Feedback is appreciated. For you font fans out there, if you have a suggestion better than Goudy for the font let me know. The background art requires a thick font, but most of mine are of the metro-euro-helvetica type, which is not appropriate for a Sword-and-Sorcery feel. Unless there is a secret Conan the Barbarian film directed by Andy Warhol starring Divine and set in 1960s Stuttgart.


10/04/2016 3:47 pm  #2

Re: Return of the Son of Character Sheet, Mythic Edition

Hi Master Sutek,
I love this sheet, congrats and thanks for sharing your work. Overall, layout, design and the main font seem excellent, and I will decidedly use this for my BoL online games. I'd rate it a solid 9 out of 10!
As possible improvements I'd suggest:
- For new players, it'd be handy to have the Hero Points Use cheat sheet somewhere in the sheet, maybe even as a tooltip if you don't want to redo the layout (although I am not sure that feature is available in Adobe Reader).
- After downloading it and playing with it a bit, I understand what you mention about the input font. It seems a bit too big perhaps, and does stand out a bit against the main font. But I am afraid I cannot suggest a better one, I am rather clueless on that end.
- Maybe again related to input font size, but Name field seems a bit small: if a player wants to add a surname or a region of origin the whole text is not displayed and that is a bit annoying.
- The big free-text box below is cool and comes handy to throw in there any misc info players may want to add. I like the idea! However I think it'd be useful to have a separator in that box, so players can arrange details in two columns or so, if needed. I am not sure if that is technically possible, but I have the feeling it'd help to get the most use out of the limited space, which can get easily filled with just a few lines.

But as stated, I am impressed and think this is definitively the best editable BoL sheet I have seen so far.


"Ftaires! Ftaires!"

3/02/2017 8:44 am  #3

Re: Return of the Son of Character Sheet, Mythic Edition

Well obviously my previous post was embarrassing as I was not aware the sheet itself belonged to the Mythic edition, sorry about that . I was wondering if you have any version of this sheet that can be saved with values, as this version apparently doesn't.

"Ftaires! Ftaires!"

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