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2/22/2017 5:43 am  #1

Ninja, Ninja Everywhere!

The Assassin is a popular fixture of modern geek culture, and a useful career choice in BoL. My current Ancient Egyptian game has featured followers of Aten who became assassins after the fall of their religion. My players have finally dealt with these killers motivated by religious devotion, but now I’m introducing a more professional form of contract killer. (If it looks like I’m overusing the trope – and I might be – then in defence I can only say it followed on logically from my players’ actions.)

Then I realised that I have used assassins quite a lot in my games. The Assassins Guild of Halakh featured in my Lemurian campaign – the PCs took out the entire ruling council in the secret guild HQ, in a ‘Pact with the Devil’ alliance with the Grey Druids.

In my Dicey Tales game set in 1930s China, members of the Imperial Japanese security forces who also happened to be members of the Black Dragons secret society, had access to ninja – who used pistols as well as swords and more traditional sneaky weapons.

​So I definitely have been using them too much, and will rest the trope after the Egyptian campaign finishes. (Though my players do have a habit of annoying people.)

This got me thinking about how others have used assassins in their games, either as GM or player.

Do you like playing an assassin?

Do you like using them in games you run?

Are they religious/mystical like the Thuggee or are they more like Murder Inc. in your games?

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