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12/16/2014 10:53 am  #1

Catalan BoL

Here are the Catalan publishers of the Legendary Edition


10/04/2016 3:02 pm  #2

Re: Catalan BoL

As a bit of feedback, I guess this is the sort of thing authors can't easily check and you might appreciate to hear, as an owner of that edition I can say they did a great job. I guess the actual product is pretty much the same as the English edition, except perhaps for some very minor notes on how their playtesting went and suggestions on Hero Point recoveries. It is a humble production, with no luxury nonsense, plain b&w and full-color only in covers, but the overall feeling is that is a book edited with a lot of love and care, and at a reasonable price too (considering they probably run smallish prints). Particular kudos go for the translator Mateu Pastoret and his team, who did an excellent job. Being myself a translator I tend to be rather critical with some of the translations I see and this one, beyond one or two typos or inconsistencies, really has the right tone and freshness needed, not just letting readers know about Lemuria, but helping to bring it home entirely.
And no, for those who may wonder, this guy is not a relative of mine haha, but fair play to those who do their job right.

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Re: Catalan BoL

That's great - you should go to the publisher website and let them know!

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