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8/04/2016 9:36 am  #11

Re: BoL EveryWhen?

What IS "BoL EveryWhen"?


8/04/2016 9:44 am  #12

Re: BoL EveryWhen?

michaeltaylor wrote:

What IS "BoL EveryWhen"?

To quote the BoL:ME kickstarter campaign...

"Think of BoL Everywhen as the BoL core rules, with such options as fear, firearms and vehicle combat (to name a few), for all your pulp setting needs. Included in the book will be hints and tips for using BoL in just about any pulp-type genre, including several sample settings such as "Barbarians of the Forgotten Suns", "Warriors of Callisto" and "Guns of Laredo"."

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8/05/2016 4:36 am  #13

Re: BoL EveryWhen?

Watching the trailer for the new Magnificent Seven film, I thought it was a shame that Guns of Laredo wasn't out yet!

It looks like a totally pulp reworking of the 1960s version.

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