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3/31/2016 10:27 pm  #1

Played Crimson Blades...

....last night (and last week). I'm running the adventure in the book. ***Spoiler Alert*** A lot of role play happened last week as the PCs were simply asking around about the villa and about its occupant, whilst being harassed by the guard captain Harek Tarv. The PCs are:Gentle - a female WayfarerDavos Nulgrim - a sorcerer and brother of Karekos Nulgrim (Davos is tracking down Karekos because Karekos kidnapped and sacrificed his bride-to-be in a temple in Mortylla)Deveron - a Dendrelyssi, looking for artifacts left in the Crimson Lands by his ancestorsTor'Val - a fighter
In last night's game the PCs were sat talking in the Room for More Inn about their next move when in walked Vincomosh, the demon of combat. He simply dropped an invite to dinner from Karekos Nulgrim onto their table and left. It caused a bit of an uproar in the inn. The PCs went to the villa and much role play ensued as Karekos was surprised to see his brother was one of the PCs. There was an exchange of threats, lots of truths and untruths and no common ground was reached. The PCs were told to leave and that next time they met would be their last. Karekos sent his demon after them to kill them on the road, but the PCs managed to fight it off, mainly due to the salamander that the Dendrelyssi had bound. More next week...


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