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12/05/2015 6:46 am  #1

Combat Careers

I'm trying to come up with rule for implementing a combat career into combat 

What do you think of the following, too powerful?

Combat Career
If you have a career that is linked to combat (Gladiator, Mercenary for example), you can add extra points to an attack roll or a damage roll, up to your career rank, once per fight.
So if you had Mercenary +3, you could add +1, +2, or +3 to any attack or damage roll you make. You can also (for example) add +2 to an attack roll, and then +1 to any resultant damage roll.


12/26/2015 9:55 am  #2

Re: Combat Careers

My game does something similar at our table with the exception that the action has to really fit the career and only add to the attack roll. Like an assassin striking unnoticed from behind. Mercenary would only work if he is currently under "contract" and this fight is directly related to the job. I personally only let gladiators add theirs if they are fighting for an audience, which could just be local tavern patrons cheering on the brawl (they need the roar of the crowd). I also have it as an all or nothing so you couldn't use +1 for one attack and then +2 for another, it would just have to be +3 once and that's it (for a rank 3 career). Per fight "refresh" seems a bit powerful but if that's your tables style (and it is fun) then by all means. I personally like to run a bit more "gritty hero" game and cut the refresh down to once per session per career.

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12/28/2015 10:33 am  #3

Re: Combat Careers

I like the way Nox handles it.


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