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11/21/2015 10:08 am  #1

Peter Frain rocks

So I've been going over my copies of Mythic and Heroes of Hellas and I've come to the conclusion that while all the artists that contributed to the production of Mythic are great, Peter Frain rocks the hardest.

His art captures the spirit of Swords & Sorcery in a way that's just brilliant. His lines are crisp and the atmosphere he can evoke hits just the right note.

My personal ask is this: If in the future Simon decides to do redo BoL in any way, consider having Peter Frain be the primary artist. At the very least, have him be the one to illustrate the careers. Jenna Fowler did a great job, no doubt. But as I said, Frain's lines just feel more like Swords & Sorcery.  

Just one fanboy's opinion  



11/21/2015 2:38 pm  #2

Re: Peter Frain rocks

Seeing Heroes of Hellas made me want to have Peter's art in Triumphant! (which he did some pieces for, including the cover). Then he was also an obvious choice for BoL: Mythic too - but as I gave over the publishing to Filigree Forge they had to make decisions based on speed/cost etc. Peter was one of the most pricey, so FF couldn't afford for him to do all of the art - especially how much was required. Time was a major issue too and more artists spread the load somewhat. That having been said; it is highly unlikely that there will be another edition of BoL. There may be other genre books though...  


11/23/2015 3:18 am  #3

Re: Peter Frain rocks

Agree 100% about Peter Frain's work - I'm running Heroes of Hellas at the moment (slight hiatus, as a player is on holiday) and the artwork really hits the button for the style of game HoH is - Sword and Sorcery Greek Myth.
When it comes to S&S artwork, he's the man!

My real name is Steve Hall

11/25/2015 2:49 pm  #4

Re: Peter Frain rocks

Thanks, guys!
That's really awesome of you.
I owe you all a pint.

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