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5/17/2015 8:14 am  #11

Re: FATE Aspects in lieu of Boons/Flaws?

Well, first let me say that I am glad that Age of Arthur has grabbed you! We've just released a new scenario book for it, Time of the Wolves, so I'm a bit giddy just now...

As an author of a Fate RPG, it will come as little surprise that I rather like Aspects and that we've had loads of fun tagging and compelling them in play. Anything can have Aspects, not just characters. The brief formal definition of Aspects:

An aspect is a phrase that describes something unique or noteworthy about whatever it’s attached to. They’re the primary way you spend and gain fate points, and they influence the story by providing an opportunity for a character to get a bonus, complicating a character’s life, or adding to another character’s roll or passive opposition.

Aspects are also transient and move over time and story significance. They are also a core element of the game system providing hooks for the Fate Point economy that enlivens play. They overlap strongly with Boons and Flaws and I don't see any reason why you couldn't bring them into BoL. You'd want to think about how much of the Fate mechanics you'd want to leverage.

Obviously, Fate isn't for eveybody. I'm a big Fudge fan too. I haven't experienced any problems using Aspects in play, but then the game works well with a good concensus around the table and I work to ensure that is in place.

I'm also a huge BoL fan. I'd like to get a Hyborian game going on Hangouts, details here. BoL hits my slightly more trad sweet spot and I'm happy with the Boons and Flaws as they are. I've gone through the Boons and Flaws that have been posted online for Hyboria and have got a starter list to go with for my game. There were some great additons to the standard set in Mythic edition and there is clearly scope to expand and target for the game that you are running.

Can't wait for Everwhen, I expect there will be loads of Boons and Flaws and, hopefully, a bit of advice on how to construct your own.  


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