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1/27/2014 12:54 am  #1

Corpse Creeper

Corpse Creeper 
Wt: 900-1,500 lbs. 
Lngth/Ht: 9 feet long 
Habitat: Subterranean 
Deep underground many abominations hide from 
the light of day, the Corpse Creeper is one of them. 
Looking like a cross between a cutworm and a giant cephalopod 
the Corpse Creeper prowls about in the dank and dark underground realms looking for corpses which it will feed on or deposit eggs in. The head of the creature is a bit tougher than the rest of the body, and the mouth is surrounded by eight tetacles, each two and a half feet long, that flail at prey and could cause paralysis (roll an extra die for each successful tentacle hit, a result of 1-4 means that paralysis will take place). Paralysis lasts for 1d6x10 rounds. Corpse Creepers have multiple legs with sharp claws and they can move quickly on walls, floors or ceilings with ease. 1d6 are typically encountered. 

Strength 3 
Agility 1 
Mind -2 
Combat Abilities 
Attack - Bite +0 / D6+1 
Attack - Tentacles (eight) +1/ D6/Paralysis 
Defence 0 
Protection - Head Carapace 2 
Protection- Body 1 
Lifeblood 25 

Originally posted by me as bat on the Lords of Lemuria forum.


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