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1/23/2015 12:16 pm  #1

[Triumphant!] Spanish translation reaches third goal

I'm particularly pleased with my super heroic rpg, Triumphant! I learned from Supers! and I think it's actually the better game of the two, even though it is less "on the radar" than Supers!

Anyway, the Spanish rpg community seems to have taken Triumphant! to heart and the crowdfunding has reached oveer 5,000 Euros and the third stretch goal - meaning the Spanish version will have additional content unavailable in the original English edition. Well done Ediciones Epicismo for picking up my game for translation. 

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1/24/2015 2:46 am  #2

Re: [Triumphant!] Spanish translation reaches third goal

Final figure €5,297

Good result!


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