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Ancient Records of Lemuria

In the course of a campaign characters will need to seek knowledge beyond their usual capabilities. The following are some of the legendary artifacts that can be consulted to gain this knowledge.
All of them are difficult to get to and are often protected by fearsome guardians. All of these works, except the Scarlet Edda and Book of Serpents, are of supernatural origin. To consult them is perilous; the knowledge gained may so overwhelm the mind as to cause insanity. If the knowledge is used it is possible that mere humans may not have the ability to control what they have unleashed. It is also known that these sources do not necessarily remain in the place where they were found. In addition to guardians the books themselves may find a reader to be unworthy and destroy their mind, body or soul.
The Scarlet Edda: The pages from this book have been scattered over the world since the time it was written. Within are the chronicles of a great hero, the pages give clues to the whereabouts of treasures, secret places and some of the other sources listed here. It is the starting place for many researchers.
Library of Ort: Scattered around the world are ancient cave dwellings where the ancestors of Man lived. Upon the walls are many paintings of beasts both common and rare. For one who is wise they reveal the secrets of these creatures’ their lairs, their strengths and their weaknesses.
The Amber Codex: This book is ten feet tall, eight feet wide and each page is made of solid amber with jewels inlaid as letters. This is obviously a book crafted by the gods. Within are formulae and processes that can be used to manufacture the most fantastic devices; flying ships, statues that ambulate and many other wondrous and dangerous things.
The Seven Crystal Skulls: Buried in a hidden place are seven skulls said to be those of the Defeated Ones, those vanquished in the War of the Gods at the dawn of time. To those that are worthy they will whisper secrets of the outer worlds and inner mind.
The Black Tome of Urd: Later in history this will become known as the Necronomicon. It contains the practices to be followed to call forth demons, raise the dead and destroy souls.
Book of the Purple Dawn: All things of light are contained in this tome’s pages. A person studying this will learn what they need to know about healing, rejuvenation and recovering lost loved ones.
The Tome of the Elephant God: The pages of this book tell of the tragedy and triumph of a race of beings that came to our world to aid Man but became a curse unto themselves. Secrets of crossing the great void are here, as well as the perils and dangerous beings that await the traveler of the boundless sea.
The Book of Serpents: Written by the first Queen of the Dragon Kings. This book of stone tells of the race of Dragon Kings and their magic and science. Even the Dragon Kings have forgotten its location. If they can find it they may be able to use its knowledge to replenish their species and dominate the earth.
The Tome of Skelos: Left by beings unknown, the engravings hold many secrets. The ‘Tome’ is written on human skeletons entirely covered with engraved runes.


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Re: Ancient Records of Lemuria

Runes carved into human skeletons! Totally wonderful idea!!

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Re: Ancient Records of Lemuria

For real fun and adventure don't tell your players what for the book os in unless they specifically expend resources to research the thing in depth.
A sorceror and his allies went to great depths to find some pages of 'The Book of Serpents'. After defeating the serpent men and thier pets as well as the gladiator dying to the Queen's angry spirit gaurdian they sifted through they rubble only to learn that the stone circle they had smashed to bits WAS the book...I think they were a bit cross with me but hey...the sorceror was supposed to be the smart one.

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Re: Ancient Records of Lemuria

Apparently I can't edit to correct by silly spelling errors...oh well, I'm no sorceror after all just a fat fingered barbarian.

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Re: Ancient Records of Lemuria

All of these are great ideas.  Eac one is a good campaign hook.


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