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8/01/2017 6:43 pm  #1

Barbarians of the Mushroom Kingdom

Based on the notion that the Mario setting is a natural fit for sword & sorcery, I'm thinking I'm going to use BoL for my next attempt at it. Going to be buying Dogs of War and both volumes of Dicey Tales on Thursday, so hopefully it'll cover a little more ground for a setting that spans both the modern era and more primitive times.

Right now, I am considering the handling of minor magical abilities, like Mario Bros' jumping abilities, the throwing of fireballs, and such. My thought for now is that such things are handled by Boons that feed off of the equivalent of Arcane Power, perhaps with a separate Career. Do not know whether "flower" powers share a pool with "star" powers yet, but I am leaning that way.



8/07/2017 3:20 am  #2

Re: Barbarians of the Mushroom Kingdom

Cool and weird idea. If the powers feed of off AP then you can simply define them as Cantrips / Magnitude 1 / Magnitude 2 / Magnitude 3 Powers instead of adding extra boons. Boons could then lower AP Cost for specific powers/moves. I haven`t played Mario in ages, but couldn't Flowers and Stars Regenerate AP or provide a temporary boon that lowers AP cost for specific Powers significantly or something like that?

Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at!

8/07/2017 9:48 am  #3

Re: Barbarians of the Mushroom Kingdom

It's a reasonable way of handling things, certainly.

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1/30/2018 2:02 pm  #4

Re: Barbarians of the Mushroom Kingdom

Right now, I am looking at the BoL Everywhen preview. The superpower rules look like a solid fix for some of the issues I've been having with the handling of powerups and differentiating between nonhuman PCs.

Means powers will be distinct from boons, which is important.

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