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6/11/2015 9:30 pm  #1

More Advancement?

I have a terrible problem, in that I don't actually like D&D but I pretty much want every other game I play to be more like D&D. Main way I wish more games were like D&D is offering an advancement track that leads PCs from being local heroes and adventurers to living legends to demigods and possibly beyond.

Is it possible to get that kind of thing out BoL without ruining the system math? I've seen it suggested to use larger dice for task resolution, but can the game support higher ranks in attributes, combat abilities, and careers?

Would people have any suggestions for how to increase Lifeblood without (or beyond) Strength?

Also, note, I am currently working from the Legendary rules but think I would prefer the Mythic rules and will be upgrading as soon as possible.


6/12/2015 5:38 am  #2

Re: More Advancement?

I am currently running two BoL campaigns (both are Hyborian Age settings).  I am mainly using the Legendary version, but I have included a few house rules to make the game more suitable for me.  (Even some stuff from Mythic)

For advancement, I have gone back and forth on how to do this.  (I have just made the switch from Mongoose's Conan d20 game - where the world was capped at 10th level)

Currently, my BoL PCs start out as Heroes.  At a point in time that the GM (me...) decides, they will advance to Legendary Heroes.  At that point, they will gain 5 advancement points that they can use to "purchase" attributes, abilities, careers, boon, or buy off flaws. 

At a later point in time, they may advance up to Mythic Heroes.  Again, gaining 5 advancement points to spend as they wish.

That is all the advancing that I am planning for currently.  If I do feel the need to add another advancement, I have thought of Epic Heroes being the next one.  Again 5 more AP to spend.  But I think that at this point, I might have to switch the game from 2d6 vs 9, to 2d10 vs 13.



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