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6/05/2014 10:04 pm  #1

Monster Building Guidelines

Aside from stating up Human(oid)s similarly to heroes, how do you create creatures and monsters? Any tips, tricks, or resources for doing so?

I think something like this could be very useful for the community, especially those newer to the BoL family of games.

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6/06/2014 7:58 am  #2

Re: Monster Building Guidelines

I can tell you how I do it.

I start with a concept of the monster. Then I consult the monster size table in BOL. A human is about Medium size. So, you can scale up or down your creature based on that. Once you decide on the size then you have a guidline for the amount of damage and Lifeblood to shoot for.

Next I decide how the monster attacks. Claws, Bite, Crush, or special attacks like poison or acid etc.
Then I decide on the armor value of the beast. I don't go too crazy with the armor value. Maybe give it a 1 or 2. Natural defenses aren't going to be as good as steel armor.
If the creature is particularly cunning or fast I will give the thing a good defense value.

The rest of the stats. Str, Agility and mind I compare to a human or a more mondane creature that is already made up; like a horse or bear or deer. Then adjust the stats. in comaprison.

I hop ethis helps. Im sure Simon has a better method.


6/20/2014 11:23 pm  #3

Re: Monster Building Guidelines

Well, Umungus, I think that about covers it.

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7/21/2014 10:12 am  #4

Re: Monster Building Guidelines

Quite a few monsters/creatures have multiple attacks listed, and in some cases there are guidelines as to what attacks can be used in combination and such. In situations where there are no guidelines, how many of the attacks are said monsters/creatures supposed to be able to use each turn.

Up until now I have just used my best judgement which has worked just fine, but I was wondering what the RAW rule was?


7/27/2014 7:23 am  #5

Re: Monster Building Guidelines

No comments on the question above?


7/27/2014 10:29 am  #6

Re: Monster Building Guidelines

The creature traits list it as follows:

Multiple  Attacks: The beast has either two completely different modes of attack that require separate Attack Rolls (say claws and pincer)or it doesn't attack a single prey but tends to attack several different targets (with say multiple tentacles).

Does that answer your question or does it need further clarifications?


7/27/2014 12:14 pm  #7

Re: Monster Building Guidelines

Ah, I had not actually read the critters section of Mythic edition yet to see that the creature setup had changed. My question was more about the format in legendary edition and other Bol derived games. I guess I should have made that more clear.

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9/20/2014 12:07 pm  #8

Re: Monster Building Guidelines

When I make them I use a similar concept as Umungus and special abilities are just that: things outside the norm and handy for one-offs or weird creatures. BoL is like old school gaming, quite easy to add on this or that and the unexpected really surprises the players.

I am the one who writes ​ for the OSR, yet BoL and Everywhen are pretty cool too.

4/08/2015 10:24 am  #9

Re: Monster Building Guidelines

FWIW: Just piecing stuff together for my own personal use, so my apologies to those I've ripped off, but I'm starting to build something like this - just to use for guidelines in my own monster building/converting. Maybe it will help/inspire.

Creature Size Table

Creature Size Average Damage Average Lifeblood Base Move *
Tiny 1 1 15'
Very Small 1d2 2 20'
Small 1d3 5 25'
Medium 1d6-1 10 25'
Large 1d6 20 30'
Very Large 1d6+2 30 30'
Huge 2d6-1 40 35'
Massive 2d6 50 35'
Enormous 2d6+2 60 40'
Gigantic 3d6 70 40'
Immense 3d6+2 85 45'
Colossal 4d6 100 45'

* Add 5' x Agility

2d6 Attacks
2-6 The monster has a Common Weapon
7-9 The monster has an Uncommon Weapon
10-11 The monster has a Rare Weapon
12 The monster has a Unique weapon

Common Weapons
• Bite (+0, 1d3-1)
• Bite (+3, 1d3)
• Claw (+0, 1d3)
• Head Butt (+2, 1d6-1)
• Horn (+2, 1d6)
• The Kiss (+0, 1d3)
• 2 Hooves, rear (+0 each, 1d3 each)
• 2 Hooves (+0 each, 1d6 each)

Uncommon Weapons
• 2 Claws (+1 each, 1d6-1 each)
• 2 Claws (+2 each, 1d6 each)
• 2 Claws (+2 each, 1d6+1 each)
• 2 Claws (+2 each, 1d6+2 each)
• 2 Fronds (+0 each, 1d6-1 each)
• 2 Hooves (+0 each, 2d6-1 each)
• 2 Hooves (+0 each, 2d6 each)
• Barbed Tail (+3, 1d6+2)
• Bite (+0, 1d6)
• Bite (+2, 1d6-1)
• Bite (+1, 1d6)
• Bite (+4, 1d6)
• Bite (+3, 1d6)
• Bite (+3, 1d6+2)
• Bite (+4, 1d6+2)
• Bite (+4, 1d6 + poison)
• Bite (+3, 2d6)
• Claw (+0, 1d6)
• Gore/Bite (2d6)
• Horn (+2, 2d6)
• Tusk (+1, 2d6)

Rare  Weapons
• 2 Attacks: Bite (+0, 1d6+2) and Barbed Tail (+0, 1d6+2)
• Bite (+2, 2d6+2)
• Bite (+1, 3d6)
• 2 Claws (+1 each, 2d6 each)
• 2 Claws (+1 each, 2d6-1 each)
• 3 Claws (+1 each, 1d6 each)
• 4 Claws (+0 each, 1d6+1 each)
• Claw (+3, 2d6-1)
• Claw (+0, 1d3, Plague)
• Claw (2d6, AP 6)
• Constrict (+2, 1d6-1)
• Grab (+0, 1d3, Plague)
• Kick (2d6, KO)
• Hug (+0, On successful grab, 1d6, Plague)
• Suck Blood (BLL72)

Unique Weapons
• Lick (+0, no damage, 14', Plague)
• Bite (+0, 1d6, AP 1)
• Bite (+5, 1 damage, Plague)
• Bite (+2, 2d6-1, Poison)
• Claws (1d6+6, AP 3)
• Enveloping Attack (BLL77)
• 2 Tentacles (+0 each, 4d6 each)
• Sleeping Mist (+4, Range 10')
• Swallow Whole (BLL72)

2d6 Protection
2-5 No protection/armor
6-9 Common protection/armor
10 Uncommon protection/armor
11 Rare protection/armor
12 Unique protection/armor

Common Protection (1d3-1/1)
• Thick Hide (1d3-1/1)
• Tough Hide (1d3-1/1)

Uncommon Protection (1d6-2/2) to (1d6-1/3)

• Tough Hide (1d6-2/2)

• Very Tough Hide (1d6-1/3)
• Chitinous Skin (1d6-1/3)
• Tough Hide & Spiny Ridges (1d6-1/3)

Rare  Protection (1d6/4 to 1d6+1/5)
• Cyber-Shell (1d6/4)
• Metal Body (1d6/4)
• Very Tough Hide (1d6/4)

Unique Protection (1d6+2/6), (2d6/7)
• Chitinous Armor (1d6+2/6)
• Stimulants and Pain Relievers (1d6+2/6)
• Very Tough Rubbery Hide (1d6+2/6)
• Very Tough Scaly Hide (1d6+2/6)
• No Vital Spots (1d6+2/6)

• Demonic Toughness (2d6/7)
• Demonic Toughness (2d6+1/8)



4/10/2015 6:40 am  #10

Re: Monster Building Guidelines

This is pretty cool - nice work.

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