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4/09/2014 7:22 am  #1

Updated order of St. Raphine for Legends of Steel/BoL

St. Raphine
St. Raphine was a warrior priestess of Heldar who single handedly defended an orphanage from ahorde of ghouls. After the battle the young priestess succumbed to her wounds and died. Raphine soon became venerated as a defender of families and children. Her worship amongst the common folk has grown and is spreading throughout the kingdoms of Erisa. St. Raphine holds a special enmity towards Nogar-Sai, the god of undead. Her priesthood will go out of their way to root out and destroy any worshippers of the Dark One.

The clergy of St. Raphine are called Sword Sisters. They are known for the orphanages they have established in many of the larger cities of Erisa and for their service to communities in times of trouble. The Sword Sisters teach village women how to use the bow and spear to defend their homes. They also escort the newly orphaned to orphanages established by their order.  
For the most part governments welcome the aid of the sisters. However, corrupt officials often find the efforts of the Sword Sisters meddlesome. Outlaw bands and slavers who’s living depends on defenseless villages, make it a point to attack Sword Sisters on sight.

Sword sisters receive their training at St. Raphine’s main temple is in the Amra Isles. The Sisters are schooled in the art of healing, military strategy as well as the use of the bow, spear, and sword. In game terms a Sword Sister would have amongst her Careers at the very least:  Priest -1, Soldier-1, and Physician-1.
Sword Sisters traveling Erisa will usually be found in groups of six, with one senior sister in charge. As priestesses of St. Raphine the sword sisters are granted Fate Points. Their goddess’s domain is that of protection for the home, families, and children.


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Re: Updated order of St. Raphine for Legends of Steel/BoL

theevildm wrote:

St. Raphine

I like this.  I immediately thought of several scenarios in which I could use the Sisters.

Where's my axe?

4/12/2014 6:04 pm  #3

Re: Updated order of St. Raphine for Legends of Steel/BoL

I agree.  These make for a good character background as well...


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