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4/29/2015 6:22 am  #211

Re: Barbarians of the Void

moucho wrote:

By doing this, I have realized that Agent/Spy and Corporate Executive/Political Operative are quite similar, in fact, they are too similar, since I have had problems for distinguishing which of both careers a character belongs to. So:

1) may you give me (or suggest) more information about the description of those careers?
2) if I am not the only one with that problem, maybe it would not be a bad idea to suggest nerosfiddle to check it in his rules

I think it is important to focus on the following aspects of Corporate Exec/Political Op...

"Characters with this career will know their way around corporate and political bureaucracy and blend in well with upper strata of society."

For me that is the significant part of the career description. They are business and political minded individuals who can influence the discussions in a boardroom meeting as easily as mingle with high society at social functions. They will have contacts who will do the dirty work for them (Agent/Spy) while they ensure they always have plausible deniability.

Just my humble opinion is all.

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4/29/2015 6:46 am  #212

Re: Barbarians of the Void

I agree with The Git - they are two distinct careers, in my opinion at least.

The nasty little rat fink weasle who gets Ripley back to the planet in Aliens is no agent/spy - he was just a corporate exec out of his depth. If he had have sent a real operative to do the job instead of going himself (to get the glory) he might have succeeded.

And if not, he'd at least still be alive.

But as ever, it's what works at your table that's the way to go.

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4/29/2015 12:42 pm  #213

Re: Barbarians of the Void

Thanks a lot for the info. The point of view of The Git is really clarifying. By the way, Gruntfyttock, that nasty little corporative rat of Aliens was one of the examples I was going to use. However, the most of the characters I had wrotten down are agents/spies, I'll have to think about it. If you have more Corporate Exec/Political Ops. in mind, please, by my guests and tell me.

Thanks and good bye.


6/24/2015 2:52 am  #214

Re: Barbarians of the Void

Long time no read. As is often the case I got sidetracked by life and did not continue my work. Also got distracted by Microlite20, Crazy8 and other light systems. But in the end, whatever I hack together sooner or later looks an awful lot like BoV. That says something I guess. Reading through a lot of pages since December and like a lot what I read. Still did not have a chance to look at BoV 2.01 or whatever the version is, but will remedy this soon. Jasales, are you still playing?

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6/24/2015 7:09 am  #215

Re: Barbarians of the Void

Yes. We finished the season in early June. I'm behind on two play reports. We'll start up again in late September.


6/25/2015 2:26 am  #216

Re: Barbarians of the Void

Hey Jasales, great to hear. Is there a recent version of your Sci Fi Setting Book?

I am digging through my Sci Fi Hack again and review some things. One of them are my Mental Energy and Cybernetic Capacity derived stats. They are currently as follows:
Mental Energy
All characters in Desolation have Mental Energy (ME). Starting ME is equal to Strength+ Mind+ Rank in PsiCorps/Mutant career. You use it to power Psionic abilities as described in the PSI Chapter.  Activating certain Cyberware also drains ME. Certain PSI powers or hazards of space travel can drain your ME pool as well.
Whenever ME goes negative the character incurs a modifier to all his rolls equivalent to the negative ME score. Example: at -3 ME all actions suffer a -3 modifier. At -10 a character falls unconscious, but does not die. You recover ME at a rate of 1 per hour of rest. Sleeping, reading a book, watching a movie, eating a good dinner etc. all help regain ME

Cybernetic Capacity
This represents the readiness of your body to accept cyberware as well as the mental capacity to take control of them.
Your starting Cybernetic Capacity (CC) is calculated by adding Strength + Mind. CC does not change when either of these attributes increases after character creation. It can only improve with a boon. The CC value is the number of cybernetic implants you can receive without any negative impact. For any piece of cyberware you are installing above your CC you need to take an additional Flaw, as it takes it´s toll on your mental and bodily health.

I am worrying that with the addition of these two derived stats Strength and Mind get too much of an importance. I am pondering changing Appeal to Presence and having everything relating to willpower under Presence and not Mind. That way I could switch CC to Strength + Appeal and had Intelligence only for one derived statistic. However Strength is still used twiece, in addition to be the base for Lifeblood and adding damage to melee attacks. I fear it would turn strenght into a must have. I would like to use Agility instead but I can`t find a "fictional" reason for it to factor into CC instead of Brawn.


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Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at!

6/27/2015 8:00 am  #217

Re: Barbarians of the Void

That last version I posted is the latest. My copy that I use for the game has some notes in the corners. nothing major.


6/27/2015 8:04 am  #218

Re: Barbarians of the Void

Jasales, have you made any modification to your game since you sent it to me? By the way, I'm reading "Barbarians of the aftermath", it's great!


6/27/2015 8:04 am  #219

Re: Barbarians of the Void

Oh, and I have a new draft of my BoV Companion in case someone is interested in taking a look to it and give me some feedback.


6/27/2015 8:21 am  #220

Re: Barbarians of the Void

Nothing new on my end for BotV.


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