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2/15/2014 12:03 am  #11

Re: BoL Mythic Edition Kickstarter?

Murgh Bpurn wrote:

Simon, I don't want to sound negative, but is this the same publisher that hasn't been contacting you for a while now?

With POD services like Lulu and RPGNow, why not go with them? Give the manuscript to a select few of the community fans and it will soon be edited. You then have enough to go to kickstarter.

I know you don't want to run a kickstarter, but again you could use a small group of volunteers to run this for you, I know I would certainly volunteer to do it.

The kickstarter will then give you funds to slap a load of notes in front of a layout guy to do the game justice (you know it's going to be well supported, just trawl through and see how many times BoL is mentioned when Conan RPGs are discussed!).

I really think you should recruit some of your fans to help you get Mythic out to the public.

You might be onto something there. Since the "publisher" seems to be, at the very least, a little unreliable, who's to say this won't carry on through the whole process?

So, the question is, who else would be in and what help could you lend if you are?

(Incidentally, I did sound out an artist before speaking to a publisher, so I know how much we need to raise if he's still available - he got real busy all of a sudden after I sounded him out!)


2/15/2014 12:43 am  #12

Re: BoL Mythic Edition Kickstarter?

As stated I'd be very happy to help.

I'm not a great editor, I can't draw, my layout skills are mediocre. However, I have time and organisational skills that I could put to use. I frequent a few of the RPG forums and G+ so could help out there too.

There are often artists looking for work on G+ And it's not something that needs to be finalised before Kickstarting.



2/15/2014 2:05 am  #13

Re: BoL Mythic Edition Kickstarter?

Oh, and I can source a good editor.


2/15/2014 8:38 am  #14

Re: BoL Mythic Edition Kickstarter?

If I might suggest, decide what help you need, post a list and invite volunteers rather than try to wedge talents arbitrarily thrown at you into your project. The former allows you control of the project, thelatter is a lot more nebulous.

Maybe a list of tasks still outstanding?

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2/15/2014 8:39 am  #15

Re: BoL Mythic Edition Kickstarter?

Oh and you need to be VERY specific with regards to timeline and expectations. If though they are volunteers, you will not be successful if you have to control ot insite into your timeline.

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2/21/2014 1:57 pm  #16

Re: BoL Mythic Edition Kickstarter?

Just wanted to thro my support in for having the new edition go Kickstarter.
I'd be more then willing to put in the money to get two copies.

And while I have no editing skills, or know how to do a layout, I'd be willing to volunteer in any way I can.


3/13/2014 9:13 am  #17

Re: BoL Mythic Edition Kickstarter?

Any updates?

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3/13/2014 3:00 pm  #18

Re: BoL Mythic Edition Kickstarter?

Still in talks with several parties


4/05/2014 7:55 am  #19

Re: BoL Mythic Edition Kickstarter?

Whatever happens - you can count on our pockets full of golden coins. Seriously - I have written it on Facebook - ya got my wallet. 

Bow to Satan!!!

4/12/2014 12:02 pm  #20

Re: BoL Mythic Edition Kickstarter?

I would Kickstart this in a second!


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