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3/12/2014 8:30 am  #1

The Spears of Dyr

The Spears of Dyr
Some of the desert tribes of the Beshaar desert have some special spears that they use while raiding or going to war. These are long, sleek spears with a hole near the extreme of their steely point. When the Beshaari charge mounted on their desert runners the spears make an eerie sound when the wind passes through those holes. The uncanny sound petrifies their enemies, that feel the rage of the storm coming after them. When they strike, ribbons of lightning seem to strike the enemy that is hit by the force of a mighty thunder.

While not common, these spears are known by the desert tribes, and most of them have (or have had) a few in their history. Most legendary heroes of the beshaari used to carry one, and most ruling lineages of the tribes tend to have one or two of them as a sign of ruleship.

These revered spears are created by a cadre of wise old men that live near the ruins of the desert city. They combine ancient smithing techniques with secrets of old ages to create weapons that will pierce the toughest protection and strike fear into the enemies of the desert raiders. It is rumored that some of the smithing is done by Dyr himself, but these tend to be dismissed as mere rumors

Rules-wise, the Spears of Dyr are Rare alchemical weapons with the following stats:
[*]Grant the Beshaari war cry (boon) to anyone wielding one while mounted.  
[*]+1D6 to the damage (2D6 total, 2D6+2 if 2 handed)
One of my players wanted a special weapon at the cost of 2 Boons. I gave him that. He is a hot headed noble, so it fits with his concept.


PD: I have been trying to work the word Uncanny into a post for some time now. It is certainly uncanny how many times Lin Carter uses that word in his young Thongor book, that I just reread xD



4/07/2014 8:43 am  #2

Re: The Spears of Dyr

My group is headed to the Beshaar next weekend...  Time to face the howling fury of the Spears of Dyr! 


4/07/2014 10:09 am  #3

Re: The Spears of Dyr

gnombient wrote:

My group is headed to the Beshaar next weekend...  Time to face the howling fury of the Spears of Dyr! 



4/12/2014 6:03 pm  #4

Re: The Spears of Dyr

I love how little bits of everyone's campaigns are making it into others...


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