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12/26/2014 4:07 pm  #71

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

I've not been to any Cons before, but if I have the time off from work it is certainly possible for me to attend Conception. I've recently started a new job so everything is a bit up in the air at the moment.

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1/23/2015 1:47 pm  #72

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

Hey there. I registered for this forum about 6 months ago, have lurked on occasion, and decided to actually participate.

You can call me K. I'm in my early 40s, have lived in the Seattle area for ~35 years, and am fairly new to BoL. I contributed to the Mythic Edition Kickstarter, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the backer preview. I'd really like to run BoL in 2015.

I'm a big fan of sword & sorcery and 'weird' fiction - Robert E Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, Fritz Lieber. In terms of S&S Rpg material, I've enjoyed a number of Xoth Publishing's releases. A couple of years back, I converted some of the Spider God's Bride adventures to a version of RuneQuest. My players really enjoyed that campaign.


1/23/2015 3:25 pm  #73

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

Crom, if you've not seen it the list of games we'll be offering at Conception can be seen here.

K, welcome to the forums, I too like the Xoth setting.


3/19/2015 11:55 pm  #74

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

Hi people!

I'm a recent convert to Barbarians of Lemuria and got to play my first game last week-end. We used the rules for a Malazan-campaign and applying the rules to the setting was very easy.

Now I'm in the process of converting my own game/setting into BoL. It is a game called Drageridder (or Dragon Knight in english). The idea behind this setting can be summed up as "Pendragon with Dragons" or "Game of Thrones with...err... more dragons" . I used to run it under the excellent Mini Six engine, but I've found that BoL might be an even better fit. The only thing that stumps me at the moment is what I'm going to with careers when everybody is supposed to be a knight. I think the idea of specialits from Dogs of War is the most promising way forward at the moment.

Anyway, great to be here!


3/20/2015 11:41 am  #75

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

Welcome to the forums Arkat. I have to say, Dragerrider sounds like a great setting and I hope you might consider sharing it with the many BoL fans here on the forums at some point in the future; I'm always interested in how people convert settings with the BoL system and I love trying them out with my gaming group.

Edit - just noticed that you published a bunch of info about the setting elsewhere in the forums

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3/23/2015 7:49 am  #76

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

Hi guys,
old time fan first post


3/23/2015 10:16 am  #77

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

artikid wrote:

Hi guys,
old time fan first post



4/02/2015 11:59 pm  #78

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

Hi All, just decided to join having purchased the Mythic edition....I also haveall  the previous ones and after a somewhat enthusiastic moment last weekend now have everything except Dogs of War. Have been a roleplayer since the D&D White box many moons ago. These days I crave simplicity over complication and although I love RQ6 I feel BOL is the way to go.


4/12/2015 1:23 pm  #79

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

My name is Tanaël, I'm a french roleplayer and have been so since around age 12.
Forgive me in advance for my writing, as my english is far from perfect.
I've been loving the Apocalypse Engine since it has come out, which is my favored system apart from the BoL engine which I love tinkering with (even though I usually end up going back to vanilla).

I am currently in a two days session testing Mythic edition (big pause after a long battle inside Satarla, as the pirate captain is trying to steal a sky-boat to go to the Gods' palace and, there, intercept the Messenger of gods to steal from him the secret of the winds).

So far, we've been liking the system, although for some luck-related reasons things have been going a bit slowly (everyone keeps failing with very bad rolls, and hero points are heavily used), but I've already noticed a few holes in the new edition : the Axos mountains aren't in the summary, and I can't find the healing rules, too (so I use the Legendary Edition rules for that matter).

Looking forward for more discussion around here, as I've lurked my fair share of threads on defunct Lords of Lemuria.

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4/13/2015 12:29 am  #80

Re: Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers!

Recovering Lost Lifeblood is on pages 16-17 (including how alchemists and physicians can help).

Axos Mountains are described on pages 88-89, and the Regional Trait is on page 18. The winged folk are described on page 87. The only omission is that the Axos Mountain Regional Trait is not listed in the book's Contents pages.


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