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3/22/2024 2:33 am  #1


Just to introduce myself. I'm a long time (on and off) roleplayer - started with Fighting Fantasy gamebooks in the early 1980s, moved on to Mentzer's 'red box' Basic D&D and 'blue box' Expert D&D - the Isle of Dread is still a big influence - through AD&D2e, WFRP1e, Elric (BRP), Dungeoneer (Advanced Fighting Fantasy) etc.

Since getting back into RPGs about a decade or so ago, I've picked up where I left off mostly running Advanced Fighting Fantasy2e, with a bit of WFRP1e, BRP games (OpenQuest and Magic World for example), Traveller, and a variety of OSR retroclones and derivatives. I can't remember when I first found Barbarians of Lemuria, but instantly liked it, especially the way it 'solves' the problem of a proliferation of 'skills'. It also filled the space I had between the games I admire - while struggling to properly handle at the table (Fate, PDQ etc.) and the more 'trad' games I can run on instinct.

I've run a bit of vanilla BoL, some EveryWhen, and recently ran one of the adventures from the Sword + Sorcery Codex. I've not yet run a *campaign* using BoL or any of its derivatives, but that is the aim.

I used to blog at - you can see my most recent post (nearly four years old!) is about Blood Sundown, the EveryWhen setting.



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Re: Hello

If it makes you feel any better, my last blog post was only a couple of months after yours but it wasn't BoL related as I only recently discovered the game.  Welcome!


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Re: Hello

@AndyB Welcome to the forums. Regarding the Blood Sundown adventure for EveryWhen, are there any mechanics for duels? This is always what I look at first for western inspired games, and I am interested to know if Blood Sundown dealt with this at all.

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Re: Hello

Blood Sundown has a very short section on Fast Draw Shootouts, which amounts to using the Duel rules in Everywhen, while making Initiative and the career Gunslinger matter. I can't speak to how well they work; while my players got involved in gun battles, they never had a one-on-one gunfight.

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