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1/15/2024 8:38 am  #1

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello, all. My name's Michael, and I've been gaming since the earliest days. One of my campaigns is winding down, and when I posed the question of what to run next to the group, they (pleasantly) surprised me by picking BoL. Bopping around the internet hunting down resources brought me here, and since I saw in another thread that you're looking to boost the site in anticipation of the new edition, I figured it'd be rude not to post.

I'm really looking forward to this. And I've got a player who's been looking to scratch a swords'n'sorcery itch for years now, unsuccessfully. I think this'll do it. And this is the first game I've wanted to run RAW instead of converting it to whatever generic system I'm favoring at the time in, like, a couple decades, so that should be an interesting experience, and free me up to concentrate more on campaign structure.

I'm really looking to invoke the feel of a series of short stories; doing things like starting story arcs in a new location without playing out the intervening journey (unless some part of the journey is going to be a story arc in itself) and asking the players for prompts at the end of an arc to inspire the next.

I'm gonna share a link here with my group; I don't know how many of them might be interested, but I'll be back.


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Re: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Welcome aboard. It's good to see these forums getting some new life in them again. Pinnacle just shut down their Savage Worlds forums, much to the dismay of their fans. Other game companies have done a similar thing (Green Ronin springs to mind). I really, really hope that the Champions of Lemuria forum continues and that we can get the forums more active again.

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1/15/2024 11:40 am  #3

Re: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Welcome StMichael!

Yes, it would be good to get some new blood here. Please feel free to post with questions, comments or to respond to what others have posted.

If you are getting into sword and sorcery gaming you will find BoL is the rule system to use. The current edition of BoL provides all you need to run great games. Lemuria is a great setting and there are various bits and pieces lurking around the interweb that might interest you.

As well as the original Lemurian setting you will find scenarios adapting the rules to other settings. The Strange Stones site has some free scenarios that include some Hyborian stuff. The scenarios are usually for the earlier edition of the rules, but are a snap to convert to the current edition - it's a matter of moments. You will find the free downloads page here:

Downloads | Strange Stones

Also many of the posts on the site refer to BoL.

If your players have an urge to play outside of Lemuria, then it might be worth checking out the Sword & Sorcery Codex. This is an S&S supplement for the Everywhen system (the toolbox version of BoL) but more than that it is dual statted for BoL, so totally a BoL supplement also. It's full of tweaks and optional rules that you can take or leave and mix and match to give you the sort of S&S setting you want. BoL is easy to hack, but this will save you time if you are working on an alternative setting. The real world Beastiary and that different approaches to magic are worth the price of admission alone. 

Have a look at the preview on DriveThru:

Sword and Sorcery Codex - Garnett Elliott | DriveThruRPG

All that said, there is enough in the BoL ruleset about Lemuria to keep you going for years. I ran a sprawling campaign featuring a soldier fitted up for an attempt on a ruler's life which ended up with a big civil war and a duel to the death in front of the two opposing armies and a usurper killed! Great stuff!

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1/15/2024 2:02 pm  #4

Re: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

As I’ve mentioned the Sword & Sorcery Codex in the post above, it’s worth pointing out that Garnett Elliott has produced 8 S&S scenarios so far, using some of the options from the Codex. However, they are very easy to use with standard BoL, almost seamless – and lets face it, the important thing with scenarios are the actually ‘plots’ rather than stats
I ran the pseudo-Mesoamerican adventure 'Sky-Serpent of Tletzlan' and have continued the adventures of the pre-gens featured in the scenario for 3 further games. I’ll be writing the fourth adventure sometime next week.
Did I mention that all 8 of these scenarios are free to download on DriveThru? The link to 'Sky-Serpent of Tletzlan' is below – the other 7 free adventures can be found nearby on DriveThru:

My real name is Steve Hall

1/16/2024 3:59 am  #5

Re: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Thanks for the info!

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1/17/2024 4:42 pm  #6

Re: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Welcome to here! Feel free to ask any questions and contribute any material. This is a very friendly group and everyone is interested in BoL and/or Everywhen and helping others make their games great.

I am the one who writes ​ for the OSR, yet BoL and Everywhen are pretty cool too.

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