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9/17/2023 3:47 am  #1

Dicey Tales Mythic Edition available on DriveThru

[I posted this on Big Purple today, so I thought I might as well post it here.]
If you find that Everywhen is not to your taste when it comes to running BoL Engine games outside of the original’s Lemurian setting, then you might find the new edition of Dicey Tales is worth checking out.
I backed the kickstarter and have had a copy for a while, and it’s a great piece of work. It includes all the BoL mechanics, so you don’t need a copy of BoL as well – it is a complete game. It is mainly a rewrite of the previous edition of Dicey Tales, but now updated to the latest edition of BoL and incorporating extra material, including a bestiary of real-world animals, as well as monsters and creatures of legend.
And as it’s standard BoL, it is modular, and you can incorporate some of the material into Everywhen games, and vica versa with no difficulty at all. For example, I prefer the chase rules in DT to those found in EW, so I now use those in EW games rather than the over-complicated Challenge Dice rules in EW.
You can find it here:

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