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12/16/2022 10:16 pm  #1

Online RPG site influenced by BoL

I often play online RPG's on a site called Fabletop.(Link here:'s a very simple browser based system (chat only) witth a unique dice system (instead of numbers, the results are blank = nothing, star = success, moon = critical success and skull = critical failure. Up to 10 dice can be rolled) A game master can make a game setting in just about any genre with this system. The battlemat graphics, which can be loaded from a toolbar or designed by the GM, have kind of a Legoland look to them, and the character tokens look like miniatures ... complete with base. Despite this, they do not detract from the guality of a good scenario. A BoL game can easily be accomplished here.
Each player character has 3 attributes : Might, Agility, and Wisdom. The player has 7 points to distribute between these attributes, minimum score of 1, maximum score of 4. They also have what are called bonus traits. Most FT characters start with 2 of these, and can max out at 6. They can be loaded from a toolbar or, if the GM permits, can be custom made by the players themselves. But anyone who has played BoL will notice something oddly familiar with the format of these traits. Here are some examples : 
Rogue:1-Stealth, perception, mobility, locks/traps
Holy:1-Enemy of Evil, religious vow
Nature:1:-Tracking, forest survival, wildlife
Where have we seen this before?
Further indications can be found in the site designer's profile :
"Inspiration for the Fabletop system came from many story-centric RPGs with light-weight rules. Many are available as free PDFs.

It really is a great site, and it's free to join. My Fabletop screenname is the same as it is here (Baragon) so if you do visit, drop me a line to my inbox.
Check it out! -->

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Dammit, I wanna play BoL RIGHT @#$% NOW!

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