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Red Shadow (Dogs of WAR)

...for Dogs of W*A*R

This is the initial enemy of Action Force, the U.K. version of G.I.Joe. As the line progress, the Red Shadow were absorbed into Cobra, with Baron Ironblood becoming Cobra Command and so on, but that detail can be ignored as they have incomparable histories. As this group goes into some strange sci-fi/fantasy territory, Referees might want to alter or ignore some elements for the sake of believably.

Referees are encouraged to alter, add, and/or remove the following information as they see fit:

In this setting, the players are most likely members of Action Force, a well-funded international agency tasked with finding and eliminating terrorists and rogue leaders who threaten the security and safety of the free world.

While the core group is called Action Force, they are made up of the following sub-groups:

  • SAS Force: (Special Air Service) The special operations team of Action Force. SAS Attack Troopers handle the recon, infiltration and surgical strikes.
  • Z Force: (Z is pronounced 'zed') The infantry backbone of Action Force. They are well supported by heavy armor and artillery. They are called in when AF needs raw firepower.
  • Q Force: The marines and frogmen of Action Force. When there are beachheads need securing or ships to be infuriated, the Aqua Troopers are called in.
  • Space Force: The aerospace branch of Action Force. The Space Force pilots, engineers and security troopers are tasked with guarding space assets and monitoring the Earth for criminal activity.

(pictured) Action Force, Q Force, SAS Force, Space Force and Z Force logos.

Most likely the players would ether be part of SAS Force or a fifth group of covert irregulars, an "X Force" if you will, tasked with doing Action Force's dirty work.

As noted in another post, I'm using the old 2010 Dogs of W*A*R for game notes as I do not have the new rulebook. There was not too many changes to what was resented in the action figure canon. I don't know too much about the comic book canon.

New Boons & Flaws:

Aquatic Being: By your inhuman nature, you can operate underwater without SCUBA gear. You can can also move easier in water than surface beings, thus getting a bonus die while preforming any physical actions while underwater.

Cult Leader: You have the charisma to maintain fanatical followers. This offers no extra dice, but allows you to slowly radicalize people into your believe-system. The progress to program someone is slow and subtle, with a lot of friendly socializing and gaslighting. Opposed rolls are made, with the cult leader's Appeal vs the victim's Mind, so that the victim can realize that they are being manipulated, otherwise the cult leader continues with the indoctrination. Fast Talker and Styleish are useful for the cult leader, while Socially Awkward and Womanizer (with female victims) hinders. Alert and Hunch helps a victim, while Absent Minded and Slow Witted hinders. Check once a month for casual encounters, or once a week for regular interaction. After three failed checks, the victim becomes a loyal follower and will do anything the leader asks, regardless of personal safety.



The Red Shadow are a paramilitary terrorist cult lead by a mysterious and charismatic figure known only as "Baron Ironblood." While there are a number of rumors about Baron Ironblood, nothing is concrete. There are files for Black Major and Red Wolf, as they are former members of Action Force. Baron Ironblood has a fanatical control over his men though cult programing. The basic rank-and-file of the Red Shadow army, the Red Shadows, are made up of the dregs of society; with no purpose or higher calling until Baron Ironblood gave their lives meaning. With the help of Black Major's brutal training program, the surviving recruits become ruthless and aggressively loyal soldiers willing to die, even senselessly, for the Baron. The regiment is more then just combat training: Its a means to test loyalty; to cull the weak; and to destroy the minds of men and replace them with mindless fanatics. They are so far gone, they cannot be safely reintegrated into society, so any mission kills would be an act of mercy. Although, not all members go though such aggressive, ego-destroying training, as the organization is always in need of highly skilled specialists and scientists. Members like Red Laser, a Red Shadow scientist, was exempt due to his work in laser and and weapons engineering, and Red Wolf being a highly skilled Astronaut who is training other members his field; their loyalties are made though manipulating their motivations. While the man that became Red Jackal died in that wreckage and was reborn on a Red Shadow surgical table as the loyal warrior he is today. Red Vulture started out as a Red Shadow who stood out from the nameless, faceless troops.

Red Shadows have access to a number of weapons and battle gear. Beyond infantry equipment, they use a range of standard Red Shadow vehicles and weapon platforms:

  • Shadowtrak: A six-wheeled amphibious combat ATV armed with anti-tank missiles and rear-mounted twin-guns. Holds 1 driver and 1 gunner. It was built on the modified frame of an Action Force AF5 multi-mission vehicle.
  • Escape Armour: A heavy-armored, servo-powered battle-armor armed with attachable arm mounts for claws and weapons.
  • Hyena: A fast, light-armored tank with twin 30mm auto-cannons mounted on an open turret. Holds 1 driver, 1 gunner and 2 passengers on the rear bumper.
  • Laser Exterminator: A high-powered laser artillery emplacement that requires vehicle transport (like a Shadowtrak or Hyena) by trailer hitch.
  • Roboskull: An aerospace fighter mounting an array of forwarded-facing lasers and machine guns. Holds 1 pilot and 1 gunner. (Astronaut training required to operate)

As long as Red Shadow are allowed to operate, the world is not safe! As time passes, they grow in number; they get more scientists and innovations; they attack communities, leaving a lot of victims in their wake! There are reports that they have developed strange and powerful weapons. They are well-armed, well-stocked, well-organized, and well overdue for a smashing!

Villains (Rivals):

Red Shadow Leader
Code Name: Baron Ironblood
Personal Name: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Background: Criminal
Primary Military Specialty: Leader
Secondary Military Specialty: Faceman, Snoop, Sleuth
Special Characteristics: Cult Leader, Wealth, Anger Issues

Information very uncertain. First heard of as mastermind behind several South American Revolutions. Twisted criminal brain dreams of world dominance. Noted for hypnotic control over men, his madness leads to wild fury in defeat, often taken out on his own troops.

"Genius of Evil. Ironblood's sworn intent is to destroy all organized government in Europe."

Red Shadow Field Commander
Code Name: Black Major
Personal Name: Top Secret
Birthplace: Top Secret
Background: Military
Primary Military Specialty: Leader, Soldier
Secondary Military Specialty: Marksman, (choose one)
Special Characteristics: Hard-to-Kill, Team Guy, Wanted

Former Action Force member. One of best trained Marine Commandos before capture by Baron Ironblood. Sophisticated brainwashing turned him into dedicated and ruthless follower. Brilliant military commander and tactician. Information very uncertain.

"Totally emotionless. The Black Major carries out Baron Ironblood's orders without question."

Red Shadow Armor Commander
Code Name: Red Jackal
Personal Name: Anton Nobokov
Birthplace: Latvia
Background: Criminal
Primary Military Specialty: Wheelman
Secondary Military Specialty: Tech, Leader
Special Characteristics: Feats of Strength, Tough Guy, Ugly MoFo

Suffered a severe crash, which doctors said he wouldn't survive. But Ironblood's scientists used unknown technology to rebuild him. Bionic head and hands, with electronic volt facility make even handshaking deadly. In battle, Red Jackal drives a Hyena IFV (infantry fighting vehicle).

"Bionic vision makes Jackal the best driver in the enemy."

Red Shadow Combat Driver
Code Name: Red Vulture
Personal Name: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Background: Criminal
Primary Military Specialty: Wheelman
Secondary Military Specialty: Tech, Marksman, Sapper
Special Characteristics: Born Behind the Wheel (ground vehicles), Grease Monkey, Womanizer

Ex get-away driver for Paris gang. Ability to repair any machine breakdown. Explosives expert and familiar with all hand guns ever produced. Red Vulture typically drives a Shadowtrak into battle.

"Red Vulture is completely without mercy. Does not have any friends."

NPCs (Toughs):

Red Shadow Infantry (use this for notable Red Shadow troops, otherwise treat as rabble)
Code Name: Red Shadow
Personal Name: Various
Birthplace: Various
Background: Various
Primary Military Specialty: Soldier
Secondary Military Specialty: (choose one)
Special Characteristics: (choose one)

Dregs of humanity from all corners of the world attracted to Ironblood by empty promises of riches and power. Brainwashed into suicidal fighters by the Black Major and ready to die for "the cause". While normally infantry, all Red Shadows can drive and gun a Shadowtrack, Hyena and most ground vehicles, as well as to operate Escape Armor and Laser Exterminator.

"Devoid of fear, the Red Shadow's limitations are not yet known."

Red Shadow Astronaut
Code Name: Red Wolf
Personal Name: Classified
Birthplace: Classified
Background: Military
Primary Military Specialty: Flyboy
Secondary Military Specialty: Solider
Special Characteristics: Born Behind the Wheel (aircraft), Zero-Gee Combat Fighter, Wanted

Ex-NASA astronaut trained with Moondancer before being court-martialed for corruption. Blackmailed into joining the Enemy. A reluctant servant who is driven by relentless desire to prove himself better than Moondancer in every way. Red Wolf pilots a Roboskull.

"Red Wolf's quest for revenge has unhinged his mind. A very dangerous character."

Red Shadow Laser Specialist
Code Name: Red Laser
Personal Name: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Background: Scientific
Primary Military Specialty: Tech
Secondary Military Specialty: Academic (Laser Dynamics)
Special Characteristics: Electronics Wizard

Ex-member of Japanese terrorist group with high level of technical experience. Formerly a student of laser technology at Tokyo University, was corrupted by dreams of power shown to him by Baron Ironblood. Has developed his Laser Exterminator into most deadly weapon in enemy armory.

"Red Laser is totally corrupt, brainwashed by Baron Ironblood to accept the slightest command from him."

Red Shadow Humanoid Marine Commander (also usable for notable Kraken Clones)
Code Name: Kraken
Personal Name: None
Birthplace: Frozen Wastes of the North Pole
Background: Other
Primary Military Specialty: Squid, Leader (Kraken clones only)
Secondary Military Specialty: Sapper
Special Characteristics: Aquatic Being, Feats of Strength, Ugly MoFo

Discovered in suspended animation, frozen solid in the polar ice cap. Baron Ironblood took the Kraken back to his secret laboratories and manufactured an army of clones. Equally dangerous on land or in water, possessing super-human strength and a stun-net that can knockout even the toughest troops.

"A fearsome undersea creature. Strikes terror into the heart of anyone he encounters."

Red Shadow Combat Android Commander
Code Name: Skeleton
Personal Name: None
Birthplace: None
Background: N/A
Primary Military Specialty: Marksman,
Secondary Military Specialty: Leader (robots only)
Special Characteristics: Hard-to-Kill, Feats of Strength, Tough Guy, Socially Awkward

Built in a laboratory by Baron Ironblood's scientists, this mysterious android works alongside Kraken with the aim to defeat Action Force.

(this figure was a mail-away and never given an official file card)

Red Shadow Combat Android (used for notable Muton-type combat androids)
Code Name: Morton
Personal Name: None
Birthplace: None
Background: N/A
Primary Military Specialty: Marksman
Secondary Military Specialty: None
Special Characteristics: Hard-to-Kill, Feats of Strength, Tough Guy, Socially Awkward, Slow-Witted

Death robots built by Ironblood to further his evil aims. Developed as totally programmable death machine of awesome power. Almost indestructible. Action Force scientists are trying to discover its weakness.

"Muton is fearsome part of Ironblood's forces. Can operate anywhere on land, sea, air or space."


  • Red Shadow Troops (Infantry, Drivers, Technicians, Gunners, etc.): 0 everything; 0 Soldier;  3 LB; armed with SMG.
  • Red Shadow Scientists (including medical personnel): -1 Str, +1 Mind; -1 melee, +1 defense; 0 Academic, Medic or Tech; 2 LB; armed with pistol.
  • Kraken Clones: +1 Str, -1 App; +1 melee, -1 defense; 0 Squid; 4 LB; armed with energy trident (as spear and heavy pistol) and energy nets (dose d6 stun damage per round).
  • Muton Robots: +2 Str, -1 Mind, -1 App; 0 Marksman; 7 LB; armed with head-mounted raygun.

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