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4/24/2020 1:20 am  #1

Everywhen Intelligent Entities rules - have you used them yet?

I'm currently running games set in 1933 L.A. called 'Hollywood Pulse', (Alison's PC is a journalist - Judy Katz - and Hollywood Pulse is the name of her movie industry column in the L.A. Daily News). It's a urban fantasy game, where Judy and her P.I. boyfriend keep coming across occult and supernatural goings on in the Californian sunshine.

In the last game I used the Intelligent Entities rules (p.95) to come up with a demon, and they worked superbly in crafting a unique monster. Has anyone else used these rules to make a special adversary for their brave/foolhardy adventurers?

The look on Alison's face when Dr Eva Barthory fled the gun fight by jumping through a high window to drop onto the gravel below - and then pick herself up and hobble away, was priceless. Even better, when - after finishing the gunfight with the doctor's goons - her and her boyfriend saw Dr B drive her car off at speed, seemingly back to full health! [Regeneration Boon in play]

As pumping bullets into her during the car chase seemed something she could shrug off, Judy targeted Barthory's fuel tank. As soon as the merest hint of flame touched the doctor's hand however, she went up like a torch! [Fire was Barthory's weakness, she was highly flammable!]

Judy and Tom had no idea what Dr Barthory was, but they knew that they had stopped her! Good times.

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