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11/19/2019 9:28 pm  #1

BoL Hack... Magic question

Hi all, this may be a stupid question but... what is intended where the regular D&D magic system is suggested? In particular, is the idea that the spells become automatic to cast but with targets making saving throws? Or is the idea that the caster still makes a spellcasting roll? Adding saving throws to that then seems to weaken magic even more.

I like the idea of switching to caster success to determine spell effect; I've always wanted to switch to that in D&D by inverting the saving throws so the caster tries to get a high roll on a d20 to affect a target (rather than the target needing to roll low on a d20 to avoid effects of an automatic spell).

I'm curious if anyone's tried this, or if anyone (hi Simon!) knows what the original idea was, that would be helpful too. Thanks!


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